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Amplify Epiphanies. Knowledge is Bliss.
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Creating or Managing 10,000+ campaigns, websites, film & tv shows, corporate sales events, commercials, and businesses have taught us a thing or two about what your customers will pay for.

Amplify Ephiphanies: Full Service Marketing Agency. Elicit Better Response. Increase Client Loyalty. Define Messages.

  • Business & Marketing Plans
  • Researchers
  • Writers
  • Graphic Designers
Internet Marketing
  • Websites
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Developers, Designers, Programmers and Optimizers
  • Publicists & Publicity Programs
  • Event, Film & TV Production

Our Oakland marketing agency's engagement in a breadth of industries allows for cross pollination: bringing you the best of all worlds.

Valuable Insights: What Clients Say


  • beyond our wildest expectations
  • efficient, professional and cost effective
  • responsive, professional and delivers exactly what was promised
  • quick turnaround



Award Winning Agency. Diverse Clientele.

“Allison Bliss used a combination of intuitive insight and linear reasoning – along with a great aesthetic eye – to help us launch a dynamite website that is both informational, fun, and provides a call to action.” - Chip Conley , Joie de Vivre Hotels & Peak Organizations

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“Allison Bliss Consulting created an investor and marketing package and materials for our Retail Real Estate Development Project...compelling for any prospective tenant” - Donna Layburn , President, HLM Development, Inc., The Marketplace

Boost Profits, Clientele & Branding

Our difference? We've actually managed many businesses, building a few million dollar companies. We treat your bottom line like it was our own.

Successful marketing isn't just clever taglines or design, it's integrating your entire business with intelligent marketing. Knowledge is Bliss

  • Clarify your actions - create a plan that works
  • Create the right messages to attract ideal clients
  • Power up internet marketing & promotions
  • We have resources you don’t. Save time + $
  • Communications to stimulate sales

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The Buzz on Bliss

"I can see how I will easily double my revenues this year & leverage my strengths. I am amazed by all that has happened since I began to work with Allison. She provides a powerful kind of support ." - Deborah Welch, Ph.D., Principle, Reflective Leadership Global

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"Not only is Allison an outstanding marketing mind who created amazing collateral, a website and a brand for us, but she is an astute business person overall. She listened carefully, asked great questions, and then suggested so many creative ideas to help us establish ourselves as a market leader for our service. She helped us design different packages to provide our services - ways that we would have never thought of on our own. " - Sandy Minella, CEO, Start Up Right


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