Marketing Consultation: Get Further Faster

“Increase Clientele and Grow Your Business Intelligently: Marketing & Communications Services Tailored For Entrepreneurs or Startups”

Wisdom Program for Entrepreneurs or Startups to Grow Clientele: $2799.


As I put into effect all that I have learned from this,  I can see how I will easily double my revenues this year. I have changed my attitude about marketing from one of effort and pain to one of enjoyment. . .  provides a powerful kind of support whenever I need ideas to enhance my marketing efforts.” —Deborah Welch, Ph.D., Principle, Reflective Leadership Global


“Walking with Bliss: Idea Labs, a walking consultation: $150

Powerful marketing solutions to one or two key business issues are answered during this one hour walk. Guaranteed Results!



Additional Marketing Specialist Teams:   Social Media,   Communications- Content & Design,  Internet,  Web,   SEO, &   Publicity Services






For Established Businesses, our services advance and improve your existing Marketing & Communications.

Knowledge Moves Mountains: Full Service Marketing Programs  for CEO’s or Established Businesses: $8,000

High level strategic planning steers leaders back on track when stalled out in marketing or sales.


More Results


Contact us for a brief evaluation, to be ensured we can tailor our consulting (or services) to solve your exact quest. And if we’re not the perfect company to help you, we’ll refer you. 510-879-7600.




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