2012 Marketing Trends

Thanks to Trendwatch we can all stay ahead of the curve in marketing. Whether you have a small, professional service business, or giant retail corporation, if you think these trends don’t affect you, look back at history! Remember the “nesting” trend that gave rise to … READ FULL POST

“Make Mine Shine” Telesummit NOW!

Join me with the creators of “Make Mine Shine Virtual Stage”;  K. Patrice Williams, JD and Dr. Monique E. Hunt for my presentation at this  diverse gathering of Master Teachers who will not only light up the stage, but will show you how to shine in … READ FULL POST

Upcoming Changes to Facebook: A Simplified Summary

note: This post was written in 2011, but still has a bit of helpful information. Facebook is now starting to make mondo changes to your (personal) “profile” and (business) “Page”. Here’s my oversimplified summary from the most succinct expert, Mari Smith, to help prepare you. … READ FULL POST