Knowledge is Bliss: Business Evaluation

“Nail your branding to radically improve revenues.”


Learn What Your Clients Deeply Value About Your Business.

Your clients will tell us what they won’t tell you.


For CEO’s, business leaders, marketing directors:

Improve your sales by understanding how your company is perceived, how it’s unique in the marketplace—discover your “positioning”.

Gain insight into how clients deeply value your business – and what they might like to see changed to appreciate your company even more.


kib gfxPackage includes:

  • thorough interviews with sampling of 7 clients

  • written transcripts – about 10 pages of testimonials

  • a debrief meeting with recommendations

  • 5 recommended positioning messages.


Improved Business Results


The clock is ticking, so contact us for scheduling details now!

(must be an operational business 8+ years to get value from this service)


COST: $4,000


It’s not a burden to your clients. They want you to know.

(After all, Knowledge is Bliss)


We’ve conducted hundreds of interviews, working for ABC-TV, interviewing CEO’s at Autodesk, Fireman’s Fund, Lucasfilm, celebrities, politicians and hard working individuals across various media. We take excellent care of your clients during interviews and bring this valuable reconnaissance to you.


Information you can use
[Allison interviewed CEO’s of large corporations to strategically create a brochure convincing media, politicians and other members of the value of the organization.] “The information has been invaluable and a real eye-opener.” – Mary Jaeger, [former] Executive Director, North Bay Council

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