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DANDELION-SEEDS“When You Attract Those Who Are Right for Your Business . . .


You’ll Achieve Your Greatest Success Easily. Total Bliss.”



Allison Bliss Consulting  helps companies build business & clientele with programs from the full service agency tailored to your industry or type of business.



“This Marketing & Communications Agency actually cares about the success of your company, and pours their whole heart and soul into doing whatever they can to help you be successful.They are  also great at business planning, operations, and more . . .”


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Start Here: Marketing Consultation: High level strategic planning to strengthen your existing marketing or business plan.

Walking Idea Labs:  Solve leadership, business or marketing issues outside: brainstorming for real breakthroughs & get some exercise and fresh air at the same time. Nominated as “Initiator” program by Seth Godin’s Domino Project.

Knowledge is Bliss: Business Evaluation Defines Branding Messages

Content Development, Design, Branding & Programming

Get Interviewed to Build Blog, Web or Media Content

“will easily double my revenues this year” – Reflective Leadership Global

“We received around 200 solid leads – much more than anyone else at the show!” – Interplan Health

Internet Marketing

Start Here: Internet Consultation: Strengthen Conversions (from visitors to purchasers)

Web & Blog Design & Development. Web Redevelopment: Get a New or Improved Website

Social Media: Get Found, Build Branding, Make Connections, Drive Traffic to Your Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):  Build Business by Getting Found on Google (and other search engines)

Webinars: Production & Promotion,  For Sale on Your Website

Fast Track Business Development: All-In-One Marketing Tools & Services


Don’t Need Full Service Support?

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“I am amazed by all that has happened since I began to work with Allison Bliss Consulting”


“We highly recommend Allison Bliss and her consulting firm for not only putting out a tremendous product, but for her professionalism, attention to detail, ability to present only relavent data and quick turnaround.”


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Internet Strategy & Tech Advance Lead: Cynthia

Lead Graphic Design Genie: Cherie

Web, SEO & Programming Teams: Michael and Donald

Passion-Filled Writers & Social media mavens: Marianne, Gil,  Cheryl, and James

Blogs & WordPress: Sallie

Administrative Assistant: Jaimie


We handle complex assignments for large organizations or for small business. Contact us when you’re ready to leap forward and follow your Bliss. 510-879-7600.