For a lively and value packed presentation, Allison Bliss delivers real-world experience to audiences on a variety of Marketing & Communications topics.

Presentations about growing business and marketing can be customized for your organization.




1. Follow Your Bliss: Attract Clients You  Love! [and you’ll make more money]

heart-in-hands_600This interactive and enervating 1 hour presentation leads participants through a kind of “vision quest” to tap into the 3 critical tactics to attract clients (or jobs in your career) that you’ll love – those that are  most profitable and enable you to flourish.


  • the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make in marketing that holds them back from real success
  • the technique that is probably missing from your marketing costing you vast income
  • a mindshift for finding the clients who are truly right for you and those who will pay for your expertise
  • strategies to rethink your business,  increase your prices,  and build the value of your offerings
  • the missing element that other marketers don’t reveal to you that can affect your attitude, productivity, income, perception and value!

Allison shares examples from her own personal stories – her life disasters and successes. She brings perspective from her vast music,  TV & Hollywood film career as well as business-building techniques successfully implemented for hundreds of her entrepreneurial clients. Exercises are designed for audiences to immediately implement learning into their businesses. For groups up to 500. 



“It was incredible, informative and action oriented. I have received great feedback, the questions, strategic mind shifts and thought provoking presentation was  lively, warm and groundbreaking. I am still thinking about your awesome presentation. Please come back again soon! “- Event Organizer, Jonathan Fleming


“The topics were succinct and very useful. The presenter had a very clear flow of ideas. I found the entire experience, including meeting some very intriguing business people, to be very worthwhile. —Roger Steinbronn, IT Consultant, Attendee


“Allison ran us through the ropes asking provocative, useful questions designed to unearth [a method] to attract clients we will love. Allison’s “walk & think” exercise was a graphic example I wouldn’t have grokked without the experience”— Jessica Behrman, Realtor, Attendee


Presentation: “Attracting Clients You Love” 

photo credit: Renee Bornstein“The lecture was awesome. Allison not only shared her knowledge, but also engaged us with exercises that made us rethink how we market our businesses, and how we think of ourselves, our products & services.” – Renee Bornstein, Organizer


2.  SEO & Social Media

. . . “such a pleasure to have you describe complicated internet machinations without the sarcastic, pedantic tone that so many web professionals take – and without making it sound like an hour-long advertisement.”– Association of Personal Historians




women-owned-biz-badge-147x150Honored with a Woman-Owned Business Award, Allison Bliss Consulting is the Bay Area’s only full service marketing & communications agency with bottom line experience owning and managing dozens of successful companies with experience in every media from print to internet to major Hollywood feature films.

The agency serves corporations requiring an outsourced marketing department, as well as small businesses bringing talents from their creative teams to develop Branding, Websites, Optimizing, Promotional Materials, Social Media, Marketing Coaching, Marketing Plans, & total support.

Clients include: ABC-TV, Hewlett Packard, UCSF, United Airlines, Chevron, and thousands more.  Clients claim; “Incredible, Measurable Results!”

ali photoContact Allison Bliss Consulting at (510) 879-7600.

The agency has also generated millions of dollars in revenues for client companies in sales and sales training using techniques taught in their workshops.





iabc logoPresentation on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media

“Allison is a highly effective presenter who speaks her mind and has information and techniques of value to share. She listens closely to questions and answers them thoughtfully. She is a very savvy marketer and coach. I would come and listen to her anytime”. Molly Walker, principal of Walker Communications and past president of San Francisco IABC (International Association of Business Communicators), 510-428-9291


assoc personal historiansPresentation on SEO & Social Media

“I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I was with the speech you gave at our recent Association of Personal Historians meeting.  At the end, I was sorry that we limited your time to only an hour as I know the whole group would have loved to have heard more – and next time we’ll plan a long question and answer period.

It was such a pleasure to have you describe complicated internet machinations without the sarcastic, pedantic tone that so many web professionals take – and without making it sound like an hour-long advertisement. You beautifully managed to take very complicated concepts and describe them simply and elegantly. Even the least web- savvy among us walked out knowing a lot more than we understood going in – which is really saying something.

Our group has a wide span of expertise when it comes to web knowledge. Some know absolutely nothing while others build websites for a living. However, to be successful in this new era, each of us needs to have, and maintain, a website. You managed to address each group without leaving the others behind. That was quite an amazing feat, truly.

The powerpoint presentation was also a great supplement to the talk.

You must have honed it down over a number of years to have it work that well with your text.

Thanks again Ali. We’ll have you back someday soon I’m sure. Feel free to share this with other prospective groups as a hearty endorsement of the value of hiring you to speak to their groups. “– Susan M. Davis 510 / 839-7229, paintbox family


Presentation on SEO & Social Media

“Thank you very much for your informative, engaging and dynamic presentation on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Marketing to our group (Organization of Women Architects).  Your presentation was very well received by all the attendees and you have energized the members to act on your many practical and inexpensive marketing techniques.  Thank so very much.  You were great and we really appreciated your follow-up resource handout. A very exceptiional presentation!”- Leslie Golden, ASLA LEED AP, Steering Committee member,  OWA


Presentation: Spiritual Marketing for Retreat Centers

“Allison, You were so helpful and gave a very focused “speed marketing” presentation!  Thanks so much for all of the preparation it took to go into this and for your presence with us. What an emotional day with this change and celebration in Washington and all over the world!” Suzanne Buckley, Director, Mercy Center. 650 373-4516




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