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A few sample case studies demonstrating our agency’s services and teams’ abilities to build sales, profitability, efficiency and results:

 I will easily double my revenues this year. . .  powerful kind of support whenever I need ideas to enhance my marketing efforts.” — Deborah Welch, Ph.D., Principle, Reflective Leadership Global


Interplan, Inc. –  a Health Benefits Corporation

Interplan offered HMO & pharmacy benefits plans for large multinational corporations and institutions. Working with their Marketing Director, expert teams at Allison Bliss Consulting’s marketing agency conducted market research to clarify how the organization’s services were deeply valued.

Under Allison’s strategic direction, writing and design teams from her agency completely redeveloped the organization’s marketing communications materials for the various divisions of the organization,  producing a family of materials from trade show booths to brochures and advertising resulting in the successful improvement of the corporate image and significant subsequent sales increases, all before the advent of social media.

The company was successfully sold after our tenure of service for their marketing director.

“We had the most creative trade show exhibit of anyone at this show…around 200 solid leads…” – Dayle Buchman, Director of Marketing & Sales Support, Interplan Health Group


ali photoAllison Bliss Productions – Film & Television Production Company

As a freelance Producer, Production Manager, Director, Allison provided production services for major Hollywood feature films, independent films, commercials, music videos, corporate training films, concerts, broadcast television and live events on over 10,000 projects.

She hired and coordinated up to 200 new professionals each day per project; planned and administered project budgets; scheduled complex interlinked work flows, launched and ran hundreds of independent projects, each with its own staffing, budgets, schedules, vendor contracts, policies, procedures, and accounting with full budget responsibility.

Corporate and entertainment clients included:

ABC-TV, NBC-TV, Chevron, Apple Computers, Pepsico, Grateful Dead Productions, ACT, HBO Comedy Specials, Sunset Magazine Film & TV. She served as Producer for the Emmy Awards for the National Association of Television Arts & Sciences (Bay Area-Hawaii-Nevada).





Lighting & Shadows, Inc. – Film/TV Lighting Sales and Rental 

Allison co-founded, served on the Board of Directors and functioned as Marketing Director developing, creating and implementing strategic marketing planning, advertising and promotions for this start-up company, a lighting sales/rental/service company for film, television and corporate clients.

Working with the President, she established the corporate branding, defined the company’s image and positioning, developed and wrote press materials, sales materials, technical brochures, collaterals, and developed all publicity resulting in many published articles, all before the advent of blogging and social media.

Her contributions included negotiating vendor contracts, supervising budgets, creating the editorial and advertising calendar, and coordination with sales to meet company goals.

Allison created and produced seminars and special events on the art of lighting, resulting in winning the prestigious “Board of Directors Award” for the company which was bestowed by the American Society of Lighting Directors. Allison successfully helped build the company’s profitability resulting in its sale after only 5 years.

“(your marketing) brought us business and name recognition for years…you helped guide me through strategies for marketing our company’s service, rentals, and sales in ways that made us a competitive, well-respected and profitable company…thank you for winning us one of our crowning achievements, the Board of Directors Award….”Phil Hall, General Manager, Lighting & Shadows, Inc.


Schulberg MediaWorks – Ad Agency

As an Agency Producer, Allison produced extremely successful infomercial campaigns for broadcast television aligning her experience in entertainment with marketing in this unique media form for SMW.

Creative development of television production, product treatments, concepts, and project planning with clients. She contributed to preparation and presentation of proposals to clients and handled operations, scheduling, managing all budgets, project management & training, and supervising all aspects of production and post production.

Other contributions include creation of invoicing and estimating process, budget tracking, account management, client liaison, vendor negotiations, and advising on billing/budget tracking systems for the firm. Accomplishments included managing projects totaling over $1 million on budget with tight deadlines. Allison negotiated $80,000 savings in vendor contracts during her tenure earning the firm a much higher profit margin.




EnterChange – Outplacement Firm


As the firm’s Marketing Manager, Allison was responsible for developing marketing strategy for Bay Area offices of this outplacement firm with the CEO’s mission of putting this company ‘on the map’.

Allison developed the organization’s marketing strategy and a one year marketing plan, supervised complete  implementation, local branding for mulitiple offices, intra-office communications, conceptualized and supervised writing and design for all marketing materials, signage, advertising, promotion, events, mailing list development, hiring and supervision of temps for marketing tasks, plus related activities with full budgetary management.

Allison accomplished execution of this one year marketing plan in just nine months, having built the firm’s branding to meet company goals, all before the advent of social media.

“…Sun Microsystems enjoys receiving our mailing and says that we have the best marketing literature they’ve seen in terms of being timely, informative and pertinent to issues of interest…” Rosemary Lynch, Change Management Consultant, EnterChange, Inc.


Center for Aesthetic Dentistry


Dr. J. Bellen, of the Center for Aesthetic Dentistry worked with Allison Bliss Consulting’s marketing agency to re-frame his general dental practice into an exclusive and expensive cosmetic practice.

Design and photography teams developed a strategy, web and promotional materials that allowed the Center to simplify the services offered, charge patients more and reduce Dr. Bellen’s 5-day workweek to 3 days, all before the advent of social media.




UCSF: Asthma Clinical Research Center


The Asthma Clinical Research Center, part of a large University of California hospital conducting medical research, needed to recruit patients for ethical research studies to help find cures for a common disease. Recruiting is, of course, a marketing and communications task. Allison Bliss Consulting worked with the Chief of Medicine to create a strategic marketing plan, creative writing, photography and design production of educational materials for patients and media and a methodology for a database to expedite the center’s recruitment procedures.

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center – Training & Consulting

Renaissance is an entrepreneurial training center where Allison provides one-on-one marketing & communication consulting to start-up and incubating companies teaching them practical marketing techniques, strategies, tools and offering resources to help these growing companies generate income from marketing activities.


Delice Catering

Delice Catering is a high end catering company producing parties for an elite market and high profile charity events. Allison Bliss Consulting conducted market research, developed and wrote a strategic marketing plan for investors. In addition, Allison’s agency provided marketing implementation of branding & promotional materials, web development, business advising, resources, employee recruitment, locating kitchen space, and ongoing consulting were provided to help them launch and become profitable. (company now called Delessio’s)


Songs & Company – Music Label

As Development Director, Allison coordinated, released and promoted children’s recordings, one of the newest “hot” segments in the music industry in that time period.

Allison worked with the President to initiate sales and marketing plans, gain entry to wholesale and retail markets, while creating, writing, and negotiating printing of press materials, promotions, collaterals, and advertising. She established standard company policies, business practices and procedures.

Allison undertook special projects including coordination of national tours for one of the company’s internationally known bands, including directing the booking agent and coordinating promotions. Responsibilities included compiling and managing the database to control over 500 active accounts where she developed a sales growth of 300% in her first year. And all this before the advent of the internet!


“Incredible, measurable value that just keeps on building!” – Carter Designs


“This agency directed by Allison, offers so much more than just marketing. Allison and her teams are also great at business planning, operations, and more.” – Start Up Right


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