“Walking With Bliss: Idea Lab”


For visionary leaders or leadership groups, project teams, and business owners, this one hour “idea lab” walk brings a blend of consultative guided discovery for one purpose:

Innovative business breakthroughs for your organization or company so you can “follow your bliss” in high performance mode.

  • Innnovative tactics to build revenue
  • Resolve staff issues or life situations veering you off course
  • Gain clarity on branding with profound meaning
  • Tactics to inspire your team, get them clarifiedin the vision, direction, goals or actions
  • Answers tooperational or communication issues that hold you back from vast success and ease at work.
  • Achieve forward momentum in latent areas of business

While many people understand that a quiet walk brings clarity, these guided walks are specifically designed to add perspective, value, resources and actionable resolutions from an experienced business marketing consultant with unique capabilities. . . ideas you would likely not imagine solo without this  process blending self expression with guided discovery.


Business Thought Leader-Nominated Idea Lab Walks


Seth Godin’s Domino Project Nominated this “Walking Idea Lab” for the unique approach and method to elicit business breakthroughs, citing the initator (walking leader, Allison Bliss) with this explanation . . .

Too much sitting and staring at computer monitors rots brains.

That theory prompted Director, Allison Bliss to create these  walking idea labs.

Distilling experience into focus in 1-hour “idea lab walks”, Bliss honed a methodology taking clients into nature using forward momentum to induce innovations and pacing concept-through-action steps for converting a client’s knowledge into an extra $100,000 of income to reduce global travel time.

Bliss has paced business leaders through market turnarounds in just an hour, often 100 times faster than lengthy classes, consultant or training programs.

The idea labs also facilitate leadership groups to refine their purpose, goals, and next actions, while entertained by pelicans fishing along the California coast.

Bliss noticed clients spiral down into despair while sitting, and instantly unwind into a full potential of possibilities as they started moving again. Recently released brain research on walking to improve brain connectivity (http://articles.latimes.com/2008/sep/08/health/he-walking8) validates Bliss’ anecdotal experiences. The 2011-12  goal is to rollout this method for business teams nationally.


The Experience

This  consultative walk solves issues head-on, using brain exercises to stimulate actionable answers. Most  businesses or organizations just want solid revenues, excellent employees or vendors, the ability to  perform work with ease and clients or members they adore. Easy, right?

Not really.

Sometimes, smart business leaders become mired in the complexities and can’t find their way out. That’s when Allison realized these walks had an almost magical impact firing brain neurons to allow possibilities not imagined cloistered inside four walls.


A walking duo ‘brainstorming’ walk

Purpose: Gain ideas to build business & focus branding

Thanks to participants Joie Seldon Emotional Educator & Pat Colburn, Realtor for the walking duo experiment. [We discovered solo walks are more fulfilling.]


Group Walks for Leadership Teams

Leaders are guided through a process of inquiry, deep resolutions, new ideas, and clarity leading them to insights to solve their problems. In this walk, your brain will be guided through a ‘bootcamp’ of mental excerises to give you answers. It’s a slow paced walk, not a race – just whatever is comfortable for you!!

“. . . After just a few minutes of walking  with Allison guiding our consultation with brilliant questions, I noticed how relaxed I felt and how easy it was for me to access my answers. . . . “


“. . . One of the best parts is that Allison tape recorded our conversation.  Instead of needing to take notes during our meeting I was able to let my ideas flow more freely, knowing the facts would all be available in complete detail.”


The Genesis

Through wooded paths, beaches or lakes, Allison honed this methodology for decades. During after work walks, Allison guided friends, clients and colleagues to resolve work or huge life issues (coping with divorce, grief from deaths of loved ones, loss of jobs, economic impacts to their business, team productivity, difficult employees, and more). Perfecting this process, Allison discovered that there was an impact far greater than just a consultation happening on these walks. It was the forward momentum in a methodically- guided walk that literally moved people through problems into action or resolution. [ask Allison about her theory on peripheral visioning]


A Few Typical Results

“. . .Identifying the things I need to do right now to increase my passive income (BY $100,000). I now know exactly which tools I can product-ize immediately.”


“Yes this walk was worth the cost! I got far more out of it than I expected. Within 5 minutes, we got to the root of my business issue and began to solve it. . .  found ways to differentiate the company, and execute a new marketing campaign.”


“. . . A creative strategically- guided walk with Allison will expand your mind in ways you never thought possible! “


Group Leadership Walks Strengthen Organizations


“I didn’t have any idea what to expect. I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of questions, of directions, the way it’s moderated. It’s very gently focused to keep us on track without making us feel like we’re being ‘managed’. The process elicited a common understanding from all of us. It was good to be in an outside environment to explore our ideas. You need the outside container to create the experience.” -Kerry Hargraves, East Bay Women’s Network

The LA Times reports on a study measuring how walking increases your cognitive ability, helps your brain ward off dementia, and supports your think through on executive control tasks — things like planning, scheduling, dealing with ambiguity, working memory  and multitasking.


Use the Environment to Change Perspective

In a visually expansive, energizing environment we solve your greatest challenge – the one keeping you up at night – by guiding you through new insights.

Stimulating your body and mind  with a business consultant guiding your walk, you can easily step (pun intended)  into revelatory, even profound, experiences

[ clients – walking or not – have good results.]


Group Walks Include:

1) An assessment interview with group leader to formulate ideas and understand the issue to be solved during the walk. We’ll guide your group to solve your primary issue during a one hour walk, engaging your group & facilitating their ideas.

2) A recording of answers, solutions, ideas or discussions during the walk so you don’t need to take notes.  Both a Business Marketing and an Executive Coach lead this walk. The mp3 file will be sent to your group leader after the walk.



You’ll even walk away (pun intended) with a recording of our strategic recommendations.

3) A summary report outlining the highlights of ideas, suggestions or issues solved during the guided walk.


Guaranteed Solution for Groups or Individuals

Purchase your walk and contact Allison Bliss to schedule your time: 510-879-7600

Individual Leaders or Business Owners: $300

Groups of 8 (or fewer): $2350

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