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Marketing Consultation/Internet Marketing


CARTER DESIGNS LOGO REDUXIncredible, measurable value that just keeps on building! That’s my experience with Allison Bliss. She interviewed my clients (which gave me some surprising insights),  to define my company’s positioning points. Beyond my business design contributions, clients now perceived me as even more committed to helping them be successful. My esteem climbed as did my team image. All that for a very affordable investment. I gained so many testimonial quotes from half a dozen clients that I have been able to use Allison’s results for years in my advertising and collateral materials. ”  – Cherie Carter, Carter Designs


INTERPLAN LOGO“Both our company President and V.P. of Marketing were so pleased with the leads generated due to Allison Bliss Consulting  agency’s creative team handling our concept and design! ” – Dayle Buchman, Director of Marketing & Sales Support, Interplan Health Group (sold to HealthSmart)


“Allison Bliss Consulting handled all the initial marketing work for my start-up and I can’t say enough about her talents, skills, intuition, integrity, work ethic, smarts and all ‘round “gets it”.

She is so much more than just a marketing person. She is someone who actually cares about the success of your company, and pours her whole heart and soul into doing whatever she can to help you be successful. She is also great at business planning, operations, etc., (not that you have to use her for these, but in my experience, it’s hard to do just marketing if you don’t delve into these areas, as well).

So, after reading what I just wrote, I now feel a little like a walking billboard for Allison – but quite frankly, she is all of that and more.” – Debbie Kanner, Founding Partner, Start Up Right



deborah-welch-photo-from-her-site“Through work with Allison Bliss Consulting I have changed my attitude about marketing from one of effort and pain to one of enjoyment.  As I put into effect all that I have learned from my first coaching contract with Allison I can see how I will easily double my revenues this year. I will continue to work with her in an ongoing way as she provides a powerful kind of support whenever I need ideas to enhance my marketing efforts.” — Deborah Welch, Ph.D., Principle, Reflective Leadership Global


Plan to Secure Tenants for Retail Development Project


alameda marketplace logo 1-10-15“Allison Bliss Consulting was instrumental in creating and preparing an investor and marketing package and materials for our Retail Real Estate Development Project. The Alameda Marketplace is a development of 10 vendors operating separate businesses in an old 20,000 sq. ft ex-auto dealership in Alameda California.

The anchor tenant, Alameda Natural Grocery is owned and operated by our development group.  However, presenting a professional, persuasive materials package to investors and prospective tenants has been crucial over the past two years.  The package prepared by Allison Bliss Consulting is statistically compelling regarding; income & population statistics, retail shopping history and statistics of monies going off the island [of Alameda] for this category of retail, as well as natural products shopping trends and statistics.

The Marketing Plan outlined was extremely professional and compelling for any prospective tenant.  It included over nine areas of Marketing Outreach that the center would be pursuing.

We highly recommend Allison Bliss and her consulting firm for not only putting out a tremendous product, but for her professionalism, attention to detail, ability to present only relavent data and quick turnaround. We have over the course of this project worked with many professionals on all levels, but by far Allisons group was one of the most instrumental. ” – Donna Layburn, Developer/CEO, Alameda Marketplace


Business & Marketing Planning to Build Revenues


“Allison is creative, responsive, professional and delivers exactly what she promises. Plus, she really digs into your business and your goals. She develops an understanding of who you are and what you’re trying to do, and then makes solid — and individual — recommendations that really work.

If you need a revamped marketing plan or some ideas on how you can get the word out and grow your business, you need Allison! Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time”   Alyssa Gregory, Owner, Small Business Bonfire


hctg logo 1-10-15“Allison has been an extremely valuable member of our team since the first day she walked through the door. Her marketing suggestions have helped shape our campaign, from the language we use in our materials to the way we approach our clients. And while we’re experienced marketers, we’ve learned a lot about closing a sale from her. We appreciated her ability to understand our products and goals quickly, along with a real facility for establishing rapport with our clients demonstrating her clear professionalism- and our sales success is very high! She’s not only contributed a sense of humor and an optimistic outlook, but has been a major motivator for us as well.” – Lynn Broadwell, Publisher, Here Comes the Guide


“I chose Allison Bliss Consulting because my marketing had stalled out. As much as I could learn about marketing tactics, I always felt that they weren’t getting applied in an effective manner. Everything seemed hit or miss, and I didn’t even know if things were working or not. Allison was able to quickly understand what I had already done, and assess what needed tweaking, ramping up, or overhauling. Best of all, she put the activities into a time-line schedule, so that I can concentrate on doing the right things at the right times to get the best results. ” –  Ian Blei, Consultant, Optimized Results


north bay council logo 1-10-15“Allison has been extremely helpful in developing the strategic marketing plan for the North Bay Council. In particular, her ability to interview the Council’ members and elicit candid feedback has been a very effective way to do reconnaissance. As an Executive Director of a non-profit business coalition, the information has been invaluable and a real eye-opener.” – Mary Jaeger, [former] Executive Director, North Bay Leadership Council

mjs web solutions logo 1-10-15“Working with Allison Bliss Consulting was a wonderful experience.  I recommend her services highly.  Allison made the pain of developing a business plan an exciting and pain-free process.  She kept us on track and focused throughout the project and took the time to listen to our needs and delivered well above and beyond our expectations.  Allison’s suggestions on improving our business strategy and outlook were a blessing too.  We now have a solid business plan that specifically reflects our new company direction and focus.  Because of Allison’s thorough analysis and delivery of our business plan, we have been awarded a cash grant by our City government to help our company grow to the next level.” – Michael Swartz, MJS Web Solutions


UNITY COURIER REDUX“I appreciate your ideas for ready-to-implement strategies that don’t necessarily come with a high dollar price tag, as well as your support of our current materials and methods. [ensuring our ideas and designs are effective.]”  – Robin Usher, [former] Marketing Director,TBS Couriers, Inc.(now called Unity Couriers)


“Ms Bliss provided a great service to our small business at a price a small business can handle. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative.

 I ordered her “knowledge is Bliss” package where she interviews a selection of clients and provides marketing feedback. As we suspected, our clients liked us for reasons that we overlooked. As computer specialists we pride ourselves in our backups and documentation procedures.

We have already used these new materials as part of how we started two new accounts.

Allison let us know that our clients REALLY like our responsiveness, which we had taken for granted as the nature of the job. With the information Ms. Bliss provided us we hired an artist to make up a logo for us and provide a color theme for our letterhead, street level sign and website.

[We were also able to] define the content of our website and our tri-fold handouts. “Responsive” took center stage. . .

At a very affordable price our marketing and image got a facelift that normally only a larger company could afford. That is not all there is to sales, but having publicity that provides a good and accurate impression makes it easier to solicit a new account. Allison did not pay me to write this and I know it sounds like an ad. Well, it is an ad. I strongly recommend her services and am glad we made use of them.” – Donald Macleay, Owner, East Bay Computer Services, Inc. 


nature nurture logo 1-10-15“Wow!  Do I feel lucky to have found Allison Bliss Consulting, a marketing and communications agency. At this point in my business the agency has been a God-send!

From my first phone intake to yesterday’s 1.5 hour website review meeting, every interaction with Allison Bliss has proven to be exactly what she promotes: Personal Attention Every time I call, I always get to speak with Allison, not someone representing or assisting her.

Fast Turnaround After each interaction I’ve had with Allison, I receive an email or phone call within the hour or at minimum, the day, containing summations, recommendations, and feedback to each meeting, whether by phone, email or in-person.

Genuine and Honest Feedback and Advice. I appreciate how Allison continues to provide me with recommendations, based on her knowledge and years of experience working with both large and small businesses or entrepreneurs like me. Yet, she also listens and honors my readiness or sometimes hesitation for growing my business.  After expressing fears and my reasoning for cautious growth, Allison calmly and clearly presented various options, while respecting my pace and style.

Additionally, I appreciate the ‘one-stop shopping’ aspect of being a client of Allison Bliss Consulting, knowing when I need writers, publicists, researchers, or even event, film & TV production personnel, all I have to do is call Allison!

During my initial 5 hours of Marketing Coach services, Allison helped me refine and define my goals and gave me a one-year specific and strategic plan to follow, offered ‘anytime’ phone calls if I have questions, researched new locations for my business using the specs I requested, and after taking me through a page-by-page website review, provided me with a detailed list of what to change and how to go about it.

I am glad I found Allison Bliss Consulting, her professionalism, heart, and spirit. I plan to grow my business with her agency’s knowledge and support – a primary resource for reaching my goals.” – Linda Constant, CEO, Nature Nurture


Outsourced Marketing Director


“If  knowledge is bliss, than Allison must surely be the incarnation of Saraswati – the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge.  It is difficult to express in words what a gem she is in terms of her insight, intelligence, range of skills, knowledge of marketing, sales, operations and staffing, and her love of entreprenuership and the arts. Why is her knowledge of arts a plus?  Because she brings an artistic sensibility to every facet of her work with individuals and small businesses.

About two years ago, I hired Allison to begin to assist me with my marketing.  I have found her to be an invaluable resource ever since. She is so much more than a marketing consultant having a firm grasp of staffing and operational issues, in addition to PR, sales, branding, promotion. She is a creative thinker and understands how to help small businesses do a lot creatively and strategically on a limited budget.

She is also very dedicated and committed to my business’s success.  Oftentimes I have required a quick edit or feedback on a marketing letter or copy that I am developing.  On many occasions, I have sent her something asking her to turn it around by the next day. Allison frequently has put aside some of her other priorities to respond to my requests for help.  It is hard to find such dedication and quality these days.

I have no hesitation in recommending her wholeheartedly and without reservation.”  – Gary Muszynski, Creative Catalyst, One World Music


“Allison consistently demonstrates her creativity in problem solving and arriving at solutions tailored to our unique marketing needs.

She listens with a careful ear and is responsive to our feedback, which leads to a productive  approach to marketing that fits our business and target clients.

Allison is there when we need her, and really bends over backwards to make sure that our needs are met when there are schedule constraints or imperatives.  And she has access an effective team to help us implement our marketing plans and programs.”  – Doug Herring, Herring & Associates Environmental, Policy & Planning


I got more than I bargained for from Allison Bliss Consulting. She’s inspired many successes for me in 2013 with her advising, encouragement, and her confidence building. From her analysis of our intake session, Allison’s efficient marketing approach afforded me her understanding right from the very start of  my strengths and challenges. She was able to guide me step-by-step through a comprehensive marketing plan with specific and strategic actions to reach my goals. I had clear guidance of where to start and a vast amount of support along the way.

I felt the challenges that initially threatened to engulf me were now manageable.

Simultaneously my website got a ‘facelift’; updated content, some redesign and reorganization directed by Allison and supported by the professionals on her team. Her website support even included a tutorial to teach me how to update my site so I could save heaps of money by not paying programmers to do this.

Because English is my second language, I needed Allison to help me edit. At first there were many changes, but over time she taught me how to communicate more clearly. I trust that she will never mislead me by saying my work is good when it’s not. She’s honest and doesn’t leave a stone unturned.

As my writing improved, so did my self-confidence, to the point that I was able to give public presentations on my topic with content and structure Allison helped me develop and write. Not only did the presentation turn out well, I broke through my inclination to be shy and I actually enjoyed myself! With this level of support, I feel that 2013 is the year I broke through yet another layer. – Varda Wilensky, Certified Classical Homeopath


Website & Blog Services

fitzgerald finance“Our company, working under a tight deadline and strict budget, needed a flexible website and quality marketing materials for an upcoming campaign. Truth was, we were convinced our demands were unrealistic.

Immediately, upon hearing our project, Allison enthusiastically took up our cause, reassuring us that Allison Bliss Consulting could get the job done. Every step was thoroughly discussed and seamlessly implemented. She presented quick copy turnarounds and repeatedly demonstrated her team’s strength, having a first draft of our website in just three days!

Allison guided us by listening carefully, asking thoughtful questions, eliciting key information that frankly, hadn’t occurred to us. She left no detail behind, not just editing, but uncovering, strengthening and factoring in the bigger marketing picture, providing us marketing firm services, much, much more than any single web design company.  In hindsight, her guidance enhanced and refined our unique market niche.

To our amazement and delight, Allison Bliss Consulting’s team delivered a finished website and marketing design materials ahead of schedule and exactly to specifications! Our website was built on an exciting platform with the latest innovations like search engine optimization, anti spam filters, site map, search bar and programming features that make it easy to self-manage, saving us thousands of dollars in programming fees. Allison even tied-in expert website maintenance training and sales coaching, all within our budget.

Allison Bliss Consulting more than met our short deadline and provided us ample time and needed expertise to perfect our marketing campaign beyond our wildest expectations while enabling us to do timely website updates. Even better, the agency empowered us in creating a succinct message in the sleek, no-frills format we imagined. All these benefits were presented in the utmost efficient, professional and cost-effective manner.

What a pleasant surprise: A firm that truly delivers! You’ve become our go-to marketing experts.” Patrick Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Financial Management, LLC  – This business has now retired,site no longer active.



PEAK LOGO REDUX“Allison Bliss used a combination of intuitive insight and linear reasoning – along with a great aesthetic eye – to help us launch a dynamite website that is both informational, fun, and provides a call to action.”   – Chip Conley, Joie de Vivre Hotels & Peak Organizations


Social Media

“If you are a professional wondering how to enter into the world of blogs, facebook and tweets and can’t tell the difference between a fan, a friend or a follower then Allison Bliss’s Social Media Action Tool will help you get into the game. I have been a “scardy cat” when it comes to social media and this action plan has helped me to navigate these unchartered waters. I highly recommend it!” –  Sharon Lee Rasa, Hunterdon Holistic Center, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey


“I hired Allison to interview my executive coaching and consulting clients in order to clarify value received from my services and to consider ways my work could be enhanced.

I didn’t want to ask certain questions that might be perceived as self-serving, yet I wanted those questions asked. I believed that my clients may not be as candid with me-about my services- as they would be with a third person.

Additionally, I didn’t want to burden my busy clients by asking for a written testimonial.

It wasn’t easy to find someone I trusted enough for this delicate task. But Allison’s experience and comfortable manner put me at ease.

She is a skilled interviewer and it was extremely valuable to have a written transcript of the interviews. It was also great to have a closing session with Allison to review the interviews. She made several very important suggestions that included clear strategies for implementation.

This was a totally unexpected benefit from our work. I’m sure her marketing and business development suggestions will nurture the growth of my business and support better service to my clients.”  – Barbara Bouchet, Washington, Contact Point Associates


Re-branding & Communications Development


handtales-logo“I needed to find ways to move my business to the next level.  Allison anticipated my concerns and really understood my style. Her recommendations were right on target.  It was uncanny that Allison and I seemed to be on the same wave length the whole time.

Allison knows her stuff and brings her years of experience to bear in a flashbe prepared to jump on board because it is a fast ride. She set me in motion.  Now I have to do the work!”   – Janet Savage, Handtales


“…Thanks to Allison, Sun Microsystems enjoys receiving our mailing and says that we have the best marketing literature they’ve seen in terms of being timely, informative and pertinent to issues of interest…” – Rosemary Lynch, Change Management Consultant, EnterChange, Inc.

“The average income I have come to expect on a contract has more than doubled. For effective marketing, I recommend Allison Bliss Consulting without reservation. Allison brought my Computer Consulting business results. She developed my marketing strategy to bring me clients, has helped me define my market, and expand other markets. Her communications materials work! “  – Peter Ferber, Computer Consultant

“Allison’s marketing direction brought us business and name recognition for years, guiding our company through strategies for marketing our company’s service, rentals, and sales in ways that made us a competitive, well-respected and profitable company. As a member of our Board, she was also instrumental in helping us win one of our crowning achievements, the Board of Directors Award.” – Phil Hall, General Manager, Lighting & Shadows, Inc.

marianne lucchesi photo snip“After 20 years as a writer, and writing about everyone else’s products and services, I found it hard to pitch my own. But Allison helped me to remember that editors are simply another target market seeking a product (my writing) that will meet their editorial requirements, and will be of interest to their readers.

What was really wonderful about my consultation with Allison was that she made the process so simple. I had only to accomplish a few tasks, play to my own strengths, and the rest took care of itself. I could never have done this without Allison’s immediate grasp of my needs, her very wise counsel, and her help with the pitches.” – Marianne Lucchesi, Lucchesi Communications


“Allison is wonderful to work with. She has terrific ideas, is challenging yet supportive & patient. and seems to immediately understand what your business is really all about.” – Dr. Sara B. Hart, [former] Executive Director, Institute for Women and Technology


“In the capacity of Development Director, Allison has been responsible for a diverse marketing and promotion plan – both in its development and implementation for a national distribution network for record sales. She never faulted in her demonstration of commitment, honesty, integrity and intelligence in the performance of all her responsibilities. She has exceptional skills in management, personal relations, and sales. While the music business was new to her when she began, she learned quickly and easily applied her knowledge of other entertainment fields to this one.” – Pennie Sempell, Director, Songs & Company


“Let me count the ways I valued consultations from Allison Bliss Consulting: 1) The pre-session homework was sobering and thoughtful.  It helped me focus.  It got me in a receptive, let’s-get-to-it consciousness for the sessions. 2) Allison’s gracious manner throughout made me feel at ease, valued, and receptive. 3) Her careful reading of what I had sent helped cut to the essence of my issues, needs and possibilities. 4) The editing she had performed on my spiritual business plan flyer moved it forward faster.   5) Everything she did made me cut to the chase of the issue of self-worth, which led to being clearer about the worth I offer, and creating a worthwhile flyer. 6) Her willingness to go beyond the time was an extra gracious gift.    7) Her unflinching willingness to say the truth as she sees it was quite valuable.  Thanks especially for that.”   – Pat Sullivan, Visionary Resources


For consulting a student intern helping a business in Ottawa, Allison received this kind note on her facebook page:

“I was looking to publish a Health and Safety Manual and thought it would cost me over a thousand dollars just to get started, and I was feeling really pessimistic for the outcome. But thanks to Allison’s wonderful and thoughtful advice I have started operations at less than $150. Allison suggested I use printing on demand online, and after looking into it did nothing but prove Allison’s business marketing advice right. Allison literally saved me over a thousand dollars with her advice. I am glad I found her site, she saved me a boat load, and all her advice and words of encouragement were absolutely amazing! She truly is an honest and trustworthy and motivational person to work with. I really advise you use her marketing tips to further your business or any simple ideas you may have.”  Mohammad Yahya


Other Comments


“Allison Bliss is a kind, dedicated, unselfish collaborator. Allison volunteered her time, connections and services to the nonprofit for which I was Executive Director. She managed whatever was thrown her way, was reliable, got things done, was an amazing team player, built strong relationships with vendors and team members, and was very adaptable and forgiving about last minute changes. She is a delight to work with.” – Kathy Moehring, former Executive Director, West Alameda Business Association


“Allison has taught me so much in the area of marketing! We’ve worked together on a number of projects, and she’s always contributed valuable insights. She’s absolutely fearless when it comes to tackling a project, particular sales-related, and is extremely supportive and a real team player.” –Jolene Rae Harrington, Director of Creative Content, Here Comes The Guide


“As my business partner and I launched our new business, we needed help in bringing our services to market. We had heard great things about Allison, and we really liked her approach and style, so it was an easy choice to hire her.

We thought we would be getting a marketing plan, but we got so much more! Not only is Allison an outstanding marketing mind who created amazing collateral, a website and a brand for us, but she is an astute business person overall. She listened carefully, asked great questions, and then suggested so many creative ideas to help us establish ourselves as a market leader for our service. She helped us design different packages to provide our services – ways that we would have never thought of on our own.

Allison and her team regularly thought of different marketing campaigns to keep our name out there with a unique, professional style.

When the dotcom crash happened, and our business was severely affected, she helped us quickly re-brand ourselves to serve a different market and survive the downturn. And she worked with us in such a fun, non-judgmental way, yet with a calm authority that reassured us that we were getting sound, reliable advice. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and loved the results we got from her work – I can’t recommend her highly enough.”- Sandy Minella, Co-CEO, Start Up Right

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