Yelp Reviews Allison Bliss Consulting

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Yelp Reviews Allison Bliss Consulting


Jason H.

Allison is a brilliant marketer! She helped me take ideas which had not quite found form and grow them in unexpected and exciting ways. What I appreciated the most was her deep listening followed by surprising questions. Through our meeting, we were able to unlock new potential for an outreach and engagement campaign I’ll be launching next year. Can’t wait to take another walk with her!


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Jacqueline W.

There is no easy way to say this…..Allison Bliss is THE REAL DEAL!  And I mean, real deal. She’s proficient, professional, generous, creative, and an extraordinary woman who goes the extra mile for her clients. I feel totally blessed to have her in my corner strengthening my marketing message, and making me look really good.

If you’re looking for marketing help, you will not be disappointed in Allison’s service. Her prices are fair, and she delivers. What more is there to add.


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“Allison and her writing team help me edit articles.  They are amazing as in capturing my voice. I write my business articles and they add the touches , the skill, that is difficult do on my own.  I highly recommend Allison for a second pair of eyes to help develop any marketing or business piece. I have know Allison for about ten years.  We have volunteered in different organizations; including the Chamber of Commerce. That is were I noticed her talents.  She wrote a article every month about our Ambassadors by interviewing them and what they do – in life and in business.”


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yelp photo rachel fRachel F.

“I am so blessed to be a client of Allison Bliss. She really gets me. She always brings exactly what I need to our meetings; optimism, deep respect, creative ideas and a sharp mind. Anyone who needs a clearer path to success also needs Allison Bliss.”


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“I’ve worked with Allison for years, and check in to review strategies and do “marketing tune-ups” on a regular basis.  She makes it a point to be clear, stay within time constraints, and manage my expectations.  Allison is down-to-Earth, pragmatic, and still pushes the envelope for early adopter ideas and strategies.  If you want fast and cutting edge, you want Allison Bliss Consulting for your marketing coaching needs.”


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Karena G.

“I met Allison at a networking event and was instantly impressed with her! She is friendly and easy to talk to. When I decided to hire her as my marketing coach she was clear and upfront about what to expect. She has been amazing to work with. She has tons of great ideas that fit with my time and money limitations. She has helped me to feel confident in my marketing and keeps me going in the right direction. My business is already growing thanks to her!  Thank you Allison!”


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Louise G.

“Allison Bliss is a true full service professional marketing and communication service. She has helped me on many occasions, ranging from getting back to basics through to the latest SEO issues. I recommend her.”- Louise Goeckel, career counselor/life coach


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Donald M.

“Ms Bliss provided a great service to our small business at a price a small business can handle.  I ordered her “knowledge is Bliss” package where she interviews a selection of clients and provides marketing feedback.  As we suspected, our clients liked us for reasons that we overlooked.  As computer specialists we pride ourselves in our backups and documentation procedures.  Allison let us know that our clients REALLY like our responsiveness, which we had taken for granted as the nature of the job.

With the information Ms. Bliss provided us we hired an artist to make up a logo for us and provide a color theme for our letterhead, street level sign and website. Other parts of what we learned from the service Allison provides went into defining the content of our website and our tri-fold handouts. “Responsive” took center stage. (but we still insisted on the backups and documentation) At a very affordable price our marketing and image got a facelift that normally only a larger company could afford.  We have already used these new materials as part of how we started two new accounts.  That is not all there is to sales, but having publicity that provides a good and accurate impression makes it easier to solicit a new account. Allison did not pay me to write this and I know it sounds like an ad.  Well, it is an ad. I strongly recommend her services and am glad we made use of them.”


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Ulrike M.

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“Just recently did a strategy walk with Allison.  This is a new service she is now offering.  Really loved it.  What an inspired idea to walk while strategizing for my business!  We got so much done that we couldn’t possibly have accomplished sitting around a desk.

I walked away with a concise elevator speech, a clear strategy to focus on to make my EFT/MTT business known and promotional priorities so I know exactly what to do over the next few months.  I am very grateful for having her as a resource I can call on whenever I feel stuck with marketing because she really knows what works to promote my kind of business.”