“Chocolate Changes the World”

from my old blog: Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In case you’re wondering how to express your love on Valentine’s day: Love is chocolate. Just ask the Buddhist monks who make Intentional Chocolate™.

Intentional Chocolate™ is focused on shifting the way humans relate to food by delivering sustenance that nourishes both body and spirit. Proven through rigorous scientific testing, Intentional Chocolate™ has been embedded with a specific intention of health and well being by experienced meditators, some of whom trained with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Need Justification?
Research found that one ounce of Intentional Chocolate™ per day for three days increased subjects’ well-being, vigor and energy by an average of 67 percent and, in some cases, up to 1,000 percent.

Gee, can I cut out my workouts and eat chocolate instead?
The company’s mission is to use intention to bring greater health, coherence and quality of life to all beings. Intentional Chocolate™ is well being manifested in a particularly delicious form. Share the Love.

Green Marketing
And I’d just almost decided it sounded painfully self-serving reading a company’s promotion who just now started claiming; ‘oh boy, we’re so great: we’re doing green marketing to benefit our planet’. I want to just write to them saying; “what took you so long? Some of us have been doing that for decades.” But gee, how many of us claim an association with the Dalai Lama in our green marketing? Now that got my attention!

What Do You Think?
What do you think about ‘green marketing’ in today’s world? Are you feeling this ‘we benefit…’ is so overused that you just don’t pay attention to it? Or does it have a big impact on your buying decisions? I’m curious because, after all, knowledge is bliss.

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