Best Time of Year to Reach New Clients

Here are a few seasonal marketing tips to kick start your business:

1. Early fall and January are two of the two best times to get new clients, launch new marketing initiatives or get ‘mailers, notices, alerts, social media campaigns or other marketing communications materials out to clients. People are in a more receptive mindset those months- it’s a biorhythmic thing in this country: new year or  ‘back to school biorhythm time’ is early September and the beginning of January.

Additionally, when you’re pitching a new idea or new client, it’s best done 30 days prior to when they budget.

Here’s a breakdown of typical U.S. budget periods I learned in a recent seminar by Brendan Burchard, further proving what I witness in marketing for my clients:

  • 40% of budgets are locked in the 4th quarter.
  • 25% in 1st quarter.
  • 20% in 2nd quarter.
  • 10% in 3rd quarter.

2. if you haven’t optimized your website, this is a great time to learn how. You can either spend a full year reading every book, article, tip or tool that teaches you how, or you can get the info in one hour on my webinar on Doing your own SEO (search engine optimization). While the programming still needs a pro to do it properly, this webinar gives you over 25 tips you can make yourself. Tip one: add a page of content every day! Can’t do that? Me neither. So, do the best you can as it will help your ranking tremendously.

3. If your marketing plan had lots of action items and you keep getting stuck on one thing that just isn’t getting done, it often means you’ve not enough information – or just need help getting it completed. So, call a marketing coach if you get to that stuck point. That’s why we say “Knowledge is Bliss”.

This is the guage I use for myself: “if it’s too easy I must not be doing a good enough job. If it’s too hard, I must need help.”

4. If you’re not earning all the income you need, finding the clients right for your business or having issues of difficult or ineffective employees, take a look at our “Walk With Bliss: Bootcamp for your Brain” strategic walking service: Open your mind to new techniques. Solve those problems. Create radically new successful ideas!

So, if you need help outreaching, getting a flier. Email campaign, SEO activities or other web or social media campaigns, or even sales letters sent to prospective clients, this peak time of year is when people are most open to learning about new information or opportunities. Obviously, the best time to reach prospective new markets is when they’re open and receptive.

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