Marketing Issues That Reduce Earning Potential

from my old blog: Monday, August 27, 2007 Having started my career as a musician, then an actor, director & stage manager, it took a debilitating car accident to get me into marketing. I’d always managed businesses during school so thought I’d finally use what … READ FULL POST

Is Publicity All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

from my old blog: Tuesday, September 4, 2007 Again I got a call to do some publicity for a colleague’s client. Why? Because often people think marketing is just publicity, that getting your name in print will create that tipping point to make a company … READ FULL POST

When You Need Help Right Now: a Marketing Coach!

from my old blog: 2006 I’ve noticed that a Marketing Coach is most helpful when someone needs an answer RIGHT NOW and can respond when they’re stuck on an issue. One of my clients, a massage therapist, is opening a new wellness center expanding her … READ FULL POST

Is Word of Mouth All You Need?

from my old blog: Saturday, October 13, 2007 “I get all my business from word of mouth”. That’s what I hear so often from business owners who just aren’t telling the truth. Well, not the whole truth, anyway. In fact, while word of mouth is … READ FULL POST

Making a Sale is a Simple Process

from my old blog: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 To many businesses, the process of a sales campaign is still such a mystery. I thought I’d try to clarify it a bit in this article: Here’s a tip: for businesses that sell services, it’s critically … READ FULL POST

Building a list of Great Potential Clients

from my  old blog: Monday, January 7, 2008 (I’d add social media to this list now in 2009) One of the hardest marketing chores for many businesses is building a list of great ‘target prospects’ or potential clients to whom one wants to sell one’s … READ FULL POST