Interviews Bring Stronger Benefits


Here is the easiest way to –

♦  break into new markets,

♦  get a job or

♦  find insider information:


girl on cel phoneHandled correctly, Informational Interviews have benefited several of my clients with increased sales, higher profits or landing ideal jobs created just for them!

Your big advantage is finding insider detailsactual decision makers who need what you offer, or insight you won’t find online.

If you know what people need, you can tailor your marketing offer or resume (for job seekers) to fit. “Knowledge is Bliss”, after all.

As the top-requested interviewee (career advisor) at San Francisco’s top career center years ago, I offered information to hundreds of people trying to break into film (my career at the time). Now, I often conduct these “Informational Interviews” to help clients gather that hidden market research information.

From both sides of the experience,  I share my best tips in this blog article:

PART I:     Before the Interview: Preparation. What to do and NOT do!

PART II:   Conducting the Interview: Initial Discussion

PART III: During the Interview: Relevant Questions & Building Rapport

PART IV:  Wrapping up the Interview: What You Must Get!

PART V:    After the Interview: Actions Turn into Opportunities! 


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P.S. a special “shout out” to my dear friend Valerie Coleman Morris who inspired this consultation-based article.

I had the true honor of working in TV with Valerie – the most talented anchorwoman/reporter in television news, in my opinion.

She’s now the most awesome “interview” instructor at the SF Academy of Art, a dynamic keynote speaker, and she advises corporate speakers how to expertly handle interviews. Thanks, Valerie! 




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  1. thanks Valentina. Let me know how you use this, your results. Or anything useful you feel should be added that you’d like to share!

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