Make Social Media Work

You can either make social media work for you, or spend days of wasted time trying to figure it out.I chose the latter til I really focussed on it. I used to laugh at all the time people spent tweetting & chirping useless information until I learned how to put those birds to work singing my song.

I’ve already met people doing fascinating work who are considering our agency for outsourced marketing services. And I just found them with a quick intro through ‘social’, a the whizzes call ‘social media’ channels like Linked in, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Some of my advisors have landed $300,000 projects, and others are building lists of potential clients they can deepen a relationship with to ultimately bring in more business. My personal favorite result of ‘social’ was to find old buddies in the film industry and reconnect with them. I’m expecting to bring them some work at some point, too. So, connections are just everything.

Marketing is shifting as I write this and businesses who succeed are learning to create dynamic websites where customers are engaged & responsive. Businesses need connections to survive and that’s what ‘social’ is all about.

Even for those of us with huge lists of connections, there is a whole different culture out there for us to reach.

How can you learn this, set up an action plan to get ‘social’ in a week and start connecting?Take a look at our action tool on social media.
If there’s something you’re dying to learn, let me know and I’ll include it.

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