Using Drugs Supports War

from our old blog: Thursday, December 11, 2008

I was inspired to share this beautiful ‘marketing message’ written by my friend Claudia Ruiz, a popular blogger for Columbia’s national newspaper. Claudia has educated me a bit about how drugs have ruined her beautiful country (part of the reason she left) and how her hopes are to help people shift their thinking which just might save the beauty, cultural richness and intellectual vastness her country has to offer. Her beautiful graphic reads:If I use drugs I support war. In the first day she’s already had over 800 responses.

Now THAT’S some great marketing!

And if you don’t read or write in Spanish, you can still comment in English and perhaps Claudia will translate it for you so her readers can know what English speaking residents think of her impressive ‘one woman’s fight for humanity’ campaign.

Let her know what you think! After all, knowledge is bliss, ignorance is expensive & fear-driven.

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