Additional Session Customized for Your Business

After your marketing action plan is created, you get 2 more get-it-done sessions for additional support.

We'll know after discussing your marketing action plan what kind of help you need most.



You can choose from these common requests - included in this program

- or -

We'll customize a get-it-done consulting session for you.

Here are some common client requests:

  • Grow Your Market: 

How to build contacts and outreach, increase your mailing list and develop support resources


  • Internet Marketing Advisory:

What works to convert website visitors to clients.

How to integrate social media and make it support your marketing rather than just waste your time! Other online tactics to support your business, increase revenues, save time or cost.


  • Present Your Offer:

Creating presentations, your ‘introductory/elevator speech', or sales demo


  • Turn Audiences into Clients:

A How-To session on pitching speaking opportunities, tactics to turn audiences into clientele & getting the biggest return on your invested time


  • Promotion & Branding: 

How-To session with direction on branding and which promotional media works for your business,


  • Stronger & Automated Communications: 

We'll define a year's worth of your messages to entice purchasers to call or visit your site, know what to write about and when to send it in our proprietary Editorial Calendar Session. Plus, we'll advise you on automating your communications to save time!


  • Get Found:

Making your company's promotion and website more effective at converting looky lu's into buyers and making your website work as hard as an employee!


Intelligent, Time-Saving Business Practices

  • Make More Money:

Strengthen your sales program, unearth potential business development & streamline your sales process


 "Both our company President and V.P. of Marketing were so pleased with the leads generated due to Allison Bliss Consulting agency’s creative team handling our concept and design! . . ."- Dayle Buchman, Interplan


  • Management: 

Solving business issues from accounting support to employee management. If we don't have answers, we'll refer you to our trusted and tested colleagues who do.


  • Make it Easier: 

We have dozens of resources and automation tools (most are free!) to simplify your marketing so you can get more accomplished in less time.


  • Save Time:

Incorporating management systems to save time estimating. Learn some time management techniques so you have more time to build business and live the lifestyle you want!



$900 pay by check  

or $950 pay via credit card