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Walking increases your cognitive ability,

enhances brain function, and supports your think-through on executive control tasks:

planning  |  scheduling  |  dealing with ambiguity  |

working memory  |  and multitasking.


Walks with Bliss multiply that experience!

Business Consulting: "Idea Lab Walks" 

Individual Consulting Walks: for CEO's or Business Owners

Where business savvy & neuroscience meet creative ideas: Business walks designed to turn your ideas into reality.

Walking Just Makes You Smarter. It’s Proven Science. Take a look at the research.  

Walking isn't just for health or inspired ideas. A Consultant brings you answers outside of your own knowledge base & unearths experienced business wisdom to bring clarity, specific action plans or resources to turn ideas into answers with profits.


"Our "Walks with Bliss" was worth triple the cost we paid -- and we know the dividends will continue indefinitely.” - Marianne Lucchesi & Doug Hamilton, BLASTT


What You Get:

1-hour guided individual consulting walks, a different perspective,  solutions, experience, connections, or opportunities


Brainstorm ideas to pivot your business or skillset to find income in other ways, and with resources or connections we offer. Instead of being cooped up in an office, you get business & marketing advice in fresh air while moving.

The result? You'll process the information faster, so you can apply it to your business -  or your quest -  to get results more quickly.

Epiphanies: What Clients Experience

Epiphanies Amplified!  

These 1 Hour business "Walks With Bliss" use neuroscience & creative methodolgy to clarify & transform your ideas into profits.

An experienced Consultant brings specific resources, answers, and proven cross-industry tactics turning your vision into practical, executable answers.


If you're just one idea short of an epiphany, take this idea lab walk, "Walks with Bliss"  to find new answers: Guaranteed!  for Groups or for Individuals.  


 Learned what  to do right now to increase my passive income by $100,000!" - Shannon Solutions


Save Time & Money: The Ultimate Benefit

  • Amplify your great ideas by turning them into actionable decisions!
  • Clarify your deeper branding messages
  • Discover time savings (often several years!) and profitability with breakthrough ideas
  • Gain answers from an advisor who has built many successful businesses. Participants often get ideas, connections and resources they haven't found elsewhere
  • Enjoy Individual attention under the blue sky, not some claustrophobic telesummit or group class


Guaranteed answers to your top quest in this business-oriented walk. We bring the tools, a vast database of resources, and hands-on experience so you'll know what works and what does not before spending your time or money on actions that don't bring the results you need. 

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These idea lab"walks with bliss" are copyrighted by Allison Bliss Consulting


The LA Times reports on a study measuring how walking increases your cognitive ability,enhances brain function, and supports your think-through on executive control tasks:  planning, scheduling, dealing with ambiguity, working memory & multitasking.