Group Walks

Leadership or Business Teams

[pullquote]It's  like a day spa for work. You’re getting some exercise in this 1 hour business "retreat".[/pullquote]


Solve your organization's quest and build consensus with ease, while trained facilitators unify your group's ideas. Bring us your objective, challenge or goal.


Typical Group Achievements in a 2 hour consultative walk, which are tailored to fulfill your needs:

  • Crystalize vision, mission, goals –  Make Visionary Ideas Real!
  • Discover ideas for improved performance –  Get More Done Faster!
  • Ideas to manage “difficult” team member or situation – Everyone Contributes!
  • Time to reflect, chat with your team, brainstorm new ideas – Get synchronized 
  • Breathe innovation & new perspective into your business – Enhance revenue

[pullquote]We know you had a very structured time guiding this walk, but that didn’t come through in the experience. We didn’t feel rushed, even though we had to start and end on time.[/pullquote]


Group walks get the advantage of 2 co-facilitators:

Business/Marketing Consultant and Executive Coach with experience advising Google, Verizon, Patch Media, UCSF, media, non profits, startups and oh so very much more.


ebwn logo"I’m very  pleasantly impressed with the process, the organization, the quality of the direction,questions, and how it was facilitated. It’s very gently focused which kept us on track without making us feel like we were being “managed”. . . the process elicited a certain common understanding from all of us. . . good to be in an outside environment to explore [ideas]. It’s something you can’t step up to when you’re sitting in a leadership meeting: You need the outside “container” to create the experience. I think it’s a big winner!" - Kerry Hargraves, East Bay Women's Network 


Group Walks: What You Get

You Get Answers. Experienced Business Advisor/Facilitators Guide Your Group to Solve the Main Quest.

Unbiased Brainstorming, Feedback, Ideas, or Solutions. 


checklist 200 x 133 px

1) An assessment interview with group leader to 

determine what’s not working – to focus the goal for the walk.

boardwalk reduced size2) Guided 1.5 hr. walk with coach and consultant leading your team forward into answers

mp3 in red3) A recording of answers, solutions, ideas or discussions during the walk will be sent to you, so you don't need to take notes.


"The walk was very pleasant and fun. Not only did I enjoy the brainstorming, but we got to know the other people on our team in a little different way because we’re in a different environment than normal... very relaxing."- Group Participant


summary report reduced4) A summary report highlighting the learning, discoveries, issues solved, decisions and recommendations from your guided walk will be sent to you.




Purchase Group Walk (8 or fewer) $2850  



The Experience & Results 

Piedmont Yoga Community for walks site"Thank you for the walking consultation for my non-profit, Piedmont Yoga Community . . . well organized, brainstorming session that opened our eyes up to new possibilities.  We all had a chance to share and were prompted to think of new ideas outside our current mindset. . .  valuable insight to the issues along with potential solutions.  Key points of the discussion were recorded, so we could revisit the meeting to take notes and share with others.

Of course, it was wonderful to do all this outside in the fresh air and include some exercise simultaneously.   Getting the blood moving seems to help to also engage the brain to be more productive.

All in all, we were very pleased with the walking consultation and hope to take advantage of the opportunity again." - Chris Roberts, President, Piedmont Yoga Community,yoga for people with challenges


“Already well-known for her innovative business consulting services, Allison Bliss has begun to offer creative, strategic "Walks with Bliss" so you can get exercise and enterprise at the same time!  . . .professional guidance to facilitate those visions becoming a functional business. Highly recommended.”- Margo Rose, Body Aware Grieving



Curious why this works? What others experience?  


Contact us directly to schedule your "Walks With Bliss" strategic consulting session! Let us know your quest so we can ensure we'll be able to guarantee you an answer. 


Walk into your bliss today.   510-879-7600

[pullquote]There was nothing pulling at us from the outside. What we’re doing is focusing strictly on a non-stressful, non-hurried, leisurely walk.[/pullquote]



Need More Help? 

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