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Marketing is Knowledge: Part Art & Part Science


Entrepreneurs have unique needs that require specialized marketing to fit their type of business and resources. Allison Bliss Consulting serves as your virtual business partner: We provide strategic plans & tactical action with a team of marketing experts, experienced in strengthening Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small businesses.

When you know what to do, marketing is easy!


Interpreting research and knowledge into artistic & meaningful brand content, Allison directs talented teams to create video, web, social media, publicity, ads, or other tactics defined in your plan. We get it done for you!


Coupling business analysis with knowledge derived from vast experience, the science feeds the art to bring results.

Find the way forward. Put the most talented & diversely experienced marketing team to work for your growing business.

Knowledge is Bliss

“ . . . Allison helped me to develop a program that expanded my income and allowed me to contribute in ways that were exponentially more meaningful - having impact in the field of servant leadership.

I have turned to her again and again throughout these years, and this year she again went beyond my imagination of what I expected from her services.”

Deborah Welch

Principle, Reflective Leadership Global

“I’ve worked with some of the best-known global marketing agencies and Allison Bliss’s work is easily on par and in many ways far superior. There is zero of the usual marketing over selling and fluff that comes from large marketing firms.

Allison elegantly tells you the truth and focuses on the essential requirements with zero over thinking, zero over hype, and zero buzzword salads.

She is a grounded marketing partner. I recommend Allison Bliss Consulting for anyone looking for a world class marketing partner. She is a true partner with exceptional talent.”

Bill Hall

President, Simulation Studios

Growing Business
Strategic Action Plans and Support
Growing Business
Strategic Action Plans and Support

Marketing Success is Rarely Accidental

Our experience guides you to gain results from great strategy, creative strength, and powerful resources to build contacts & efficiencies for your business – with just one point of contact. Allison manages her award-winning teams of talent saving you time and stress. Most importantly,
We Get It Done!

“My experience with Allison Bliss Consulting was staggeringly positive. Like a magician with a web-wand she helped me transform my visibility from practically hidden to high profile.

Allison has the high integrity, sharp intellect, and savvy, strategic marketing finesse to help any business or individual in whatever field they work within.”

Carolyn Hallett

Owner, Restorative Therapeutics & Neurofeedback, Bellingham WA

“Under Allison’s strategic direction, writing and design teams from her agency completely redeveloped the organization’s marketing communications materials for the various divisions of the organization, producing a family of materials from trade show booths to brochures and advertising resulting in the successful improvement of the corporate image and significant subsequent sales increases, all before the advent of social media.

We had the most creative trade show exhibit of anyone at [our industry trade] show…around 200 solid leads…”

Dayle Buchman

Director of Marketing & Sales Support, (formerly named) Interplan Health Group

Knowledge is Bliss

Clients benefit from Allison’s diverse background in music, film, and media that bring new perspectives, new rhythms, and creativity to challenges not found in most business advisors. Her leadership as a founder, managing and selling multiple businesses affords clients the knowledge to prepare for the tiger traps inherent in a business’s scaling and growth over time, saving companies vast stress, time, and money.


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All companies face marketing & communications challenges at one time or another. If this is your time, contact us for an evaluation to determine if we can help.

Convert Epiphanies to Action. Knowledge is Bliss.