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Comments from the President of

Simulation Studios, former top

executive working with Steve Jobs

at Apple Computers, at AOL, Skype & more


Business startup founder comments: 

Rosaln Acosta Salters of Live Heal Travel

based in San Francisco Bay Area, set to 

launch 2023 (more, larger)

UCSF: Asthma Clinical Research Center

The Asthma Clinical Research Center, part of a large University of California hospital conducting medical research, needed to recruit patients for ethical research studies to help find cures for a common disease. Recruiting is, of course, a marketing and communications task. … READ FULL POST

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Interplan, Inc. –  a Health Benefits Corporation

Interplan’s Marketing & Sales Director felt the sales staff needed improved sales messages to increase revenues. Interplan offered HMO & pharmacy benefits plans for large multinational corporations and institutions. Working with their Marketing Director, expert teams at Allison Bliss Consulting’s … READ FULL POST

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Lighting & Shadows, Inc. – Film/TV Lighting Sales and Rental 

Allison co-founded, served on the Board of Directors and functioned as Marketing Director developing, creating and implementing strategic marketing planning, advertising and promotions for this start-up company, a lighting sales/rental/service company for film, television and corporate clients. Working with the … READ FULL POST

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EnterChange – Outplacement Firm

As the firm’s consulting Marketing Director, Allison developed marketing strategy for Bay Area offices of this outplacement firm with the CEO’s mission of putting this company ‘on the map’.In addition to strategy, she supervised complete  implementation, local branding for multiple … READ FULL POST

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Schulberg MediaWorks – Ad Agency

As an Agency Producer, Allison produced successful infomercial campaigns for broadcast television aligning her experience in entertainment with marketing in this unique media form for SMW. Allison handled creative development of television production, product treatments, concepts, and project planning with clients … READ FULL POST

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Allison Bliss Productions – Film & Television Production Company

As a freelance Producer, Production Manager, Director, Allison provided production services for major Hollywood feature films, independent films, commercials, music videos, corporate training films, concerts, broadcast television and live events on over 10,000 projects. She hired and coordinated up to … READ FULL POST

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Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center – Training & Consulting

Renaissance is an entrepreneurial training center where Allison provides one-on-one marketing & communication consulting and instruction to start-up and incubating companies teaching them practical marketing techniques, strategies, tools and offering resources to help these growing companies generate income from marketing activities. … READ FULL POST

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Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. J. Bellen, of the Center for Aesthetic Dentistry worked with Allison’s marketing agency to re-frame his general dental practice into an exclusive  cosmetic practice. As Creative Director, Allison’s design and photography teams developed web and promotional materials that allowed the Center … READ FULL POST

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Songs & Company – Music Label

As Development Director, Allison promoted children’s recordings, one of the newest “hot” segments in the music industry in that time period. Allison worked with the President to initiate sales and marketing plans, gain entry to wholesale and retail markets, while … READ FULL POST

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“Incredible, measurable value that just keeps on building!

“Through work with Allison Bliss Consulting I have changed my attitude about marketing from one of effort and pain to one of enjoyment.  As I put into effect all that I have learned from my first coaching contract with Allison I can see how I will easily double my revenues this year

"Allison Bliss is a kind, dedicated, unselfish collaborator. Allison volunteered her time, connections and services to the nonprofit for which I was Executive Director. She managed whatever was thrown her way, was reliable, got things done, was an amazing team player, built strong relationships with vendors and team members, and was very adaptable and forgiving about last minute changes. She is a delight to work with." – Kathy Moehring, former Executive Director, West Alameda Business Association

Deborah Welch

3 days ago

I first worked with Allison Bliss in 2007 when I was at a pivotal point in my business. The "Knowledge is Bliss" processes she used helped me to develop a program that expanded my income and allowed me to contribute in ways that were exponentially more meaningful -- having impact in the field of servant leadership. I have turned to her again and again throughout these years, and this year she again went beyond my imagination of what I expected from her services.

Suzanne Buckley

6 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am so fortunate to have had Allison Bliss Consulting in my creative corner as I took an idea from seed to bud. We are still in the blooming process with our website (an outreach for spiritual mentoring) but I feel we have been "well tended" by Allison. She and her expert team of designers and tech people nurtured my idea, gave it form, and lived along side us while we struggled to patiently attend to what was growing. Allison brought her years of expertise to this project, allowing us to shortcut and bypass many "newbie" errors.
I heartily recommend Allison Bliss Consulting - and I believe that she can help you, too.

Kathleen Sims

2 months ago

Allison Bliss provided the most comprehensive PR campaign I have ever seen... I wish I had this plan 5-10 years ago, even though I might not have been as clear about my marketing needs as I am today. Thank you, Allison!

Michael Smart

5 months ago

Positive: Professionalism

Allison Bliss Consulting is a great fit for a company or a professional seeking advise on all things outbound communications and marketing. My experience was very positive. I engaged with Allison direct and received expert advise on my video project. She exceeded my expectations and additional concepts, mock ups and script ideas. I would highly recommend Allison Bliss Consulting to solve your outbound marketing and communication challenges.

carolyn hallett

4 years ago

My experience with Allison Bliss Consulting was staggeringly positive. Like a magician with a web-wand she helped me transform my visibility from practically hidden to high profile. Allison has the high integrity, sharp intellect, and savvy, strategic marketing finesse to can help any business or individual in whatever field they work within.
Carolyn, Bellingham WA

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