Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center – Training & Consulting

Renaissance is an entrepreneurial training center where Allison provides one-on-one marketing & communication consulting and instruction to start-up and incubating companies teaching them practical marketing techniques, strategies, tools and offering resources to help these growing companies generate income from marketing activities.

Student comments:

"Thanks so much for your guidance and input.  I got so much out of the class!!  What an amazing group of women.  It was seriously the best class I’ve taken since I started my business last summer." – Tina Delaney, TLC Concierge

"Thanks so much Allison.  Again I am leaving with a clear plan of marketing actions to keep me going… the overall mood was very upbeat and we all agreed that it had been a great class." Sharon Anderson, Beam Virtual Assistance

"Thanks for the class. I got a lot out of it and the best part was making me knuckle down and write the plan, aside from the business to business networking already in operation between the gals!" Claire Keane, Clairesquares

"I liked our class quite a bit and feel that it did really help identify areas that I need to  improve." Mary Irving, Maris Natural Bath & Body Products

"Allison, you were fantastic!Thank you very much!  I learned a great deal!"
Diane Wesley Smith, Owner/Broker, DWS/BVHP Real Estate Services



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