Allison Bliss Productions – Film & Television Production Company

ali photo

As a freelance Producer, Production Manager, Director, Allison provided production services for major Hollywood feature films, independent films, commercials, music videos, corporate training films, concerts, broadcast television and live events on over 10,000 projects.

She hired and coordinated up to 200 new professionals each day per project; planned and administered project budgets; scheduled complex interlinked work flows, launched and ran hundreds of independent projects, each with its own staffing, budgets, schedules, vendor contracts, policies, procedures, and accounting with full budget responsibility.

Corporate and entertainment clients included:

ABC-TV, NBC-TV, Chevron, Apple Computers, Pepsico, Grateful Dead Productions, ACT, HBO Comedy Specials, Sunset Magazine Film & TV. She served as Producer for the Emmy Awards for the National Association of Television Arts & Sciences (Bay Area-Hawaii-Nevada).


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