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"What is a Marketing Coach?" by Allison Bliss.  Monday, August 20, 2007


"Mind Your Business" Bodyguard should explore potential clients religiously. - by Ilana DeBare, Wednesday, March 14, 2007


"How to Expand Your Customer Base" Spend some time and money on building a marketing infrastructure before you hire new salespeople. - by Karen E. Klein, Friday, August 28, 2009


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"Allison Bliss And The Art of Strategic Communication" by Robert Bernardo, Alameda Business, November 2003


"Never Stop Learning" Show 'em Like a Real Pro- by Adelia Cellini Linecker, July 05 , 2007


"Women in Business: Leading The Way" - by Nicole Devlin, Oakland Business Review, July, 2007


"Sweet Opportunity" When job market gets weak, entrepreneurship thrives. - by Janet Wells, Special to the San Francisco Chronicle, January 14, 2001


"Alameda woman honored for running her own business" - by Correspondent, Janet Levaux,  Oakland Tribune, November 5, 2009


"Everything is Bliss" - Hollywood, CA - by staff writer San Jose Film Clips, October – December 2000


"Women-owned firms help save the economy" - by Allison Bliss, Oakland Business Review, August,  2002


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"Bliss awarded by Directors Guild of America"
San Francisco Business,  2002




Green Becoming The Color of Business 2004




Getting the Word Out by Allison Bliss, July 2002, How publicity works


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  1. Thanks Emilia, Luis and Joshua – so right you are! All of those are good tactics, but if your strategic plan isn’t done correctly, you’ll just be wasting time & money! Critical to ensure you’re taking the right actions at the right time to get found, run your business efficiently and be profitable!