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Critical business strategy is strengthened with marketing & communications; Specializing in support of small business with our creative team of experts.

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Starting from a position of strategic insight, our tagline “Knowledge is Bliss” defines our approach to everything we produce.

Allison Bliss Consulting is the only Bay Area company that brings the total experience and a complete range of marketing & communications to mid-size or  small companies and non profit organizations. Our secret spices simply make marketing more "nutritious".  

Enlisting our connections and experience in the production of major film/TV/media/, besides marketing tactics, we've helped hundreds of organizations succeed by creating the right strategy for outreach, pricing, market, branding and the other tactical parts of marketing & communications. 

We bring your ideas into reality merging strategic savvy & connections with creative direction of our expert teams appointed for each unique project.  We manage and get it done so you can focus on your own strengths. 

You'll receive the full extent of our strategic knowledge from clients like Apple, Paramount Pictures, top ad agencies, Intuit, along with resources and seasoned teams that get it done for you, affordably. Total Bliss.

Total marketing services range from  ♦ high level marketing strategies  ♦ producing videos, television commercials, PSA's or radio spots  ♦ content development –branding, design, writing,   ♦ websites/blogs ,  ♦ social media  ♦ publicity   ♦ video  ♦ even walking business consultations – in this “one-stop shop” affording cost- and time-efficiency to client companies: Total Bliss

Marketing & Business Advising Services for small businesses developed to increase profitability. 

Outsourced Marketing Services support large organizations by supplementing their staff with specialists.



We bring our secret spices to each business.

The President of Simulation Studios was formerly in an executive leadership position at Apple working with Steve Jobs.

“I’ve worked with some of the best-known global marketing agencies and Allison Bliss’s work is easily on par and in many ways far superior.

There is zero of the usual marketing over selling and fluff that comes from large marketing firms. Allison elegantly tells you the truth and focuses on the essential requirements with zero over thinking, zero over hype, and zero buzzword salads.

She is a grounded marketing partner. I recommend Allison Bliss Consulting for anyone looking for a world class marketing partner. She is a true partner with exceptional talent.” – Bill Hall, President, Simulation Studios





Clients over the past 20 years have enjoyed successful campaigns including: Intuit, UCSF, Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, Apple Computers, the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, and literally hundreds more established and small businesses across the globe. Allison led projects for Mayor Willie Brown in San Francisco to promote programs of the Mayor and Board of Supervisors.

Founded in San Francisco, California as a Marketing Consultancy, the multiple award-winning company grew to include creative teams to fully support clients in a “one stop shop”.  

Serving clients internationally, the company relocated in 2001 to the sunnier side of the bay, now an Oakland Marketing Company.


Clients claim:  “Incredible, Measurable Results!” from the poignant, yet practical, customized marketing.

Our difference? Marketing with enhanced business strategy, based on building million dollar companies from scratch.  We’re innovators and creators. You’ll simply have a different experience.


domino project icon  Nominated as an “Initiator” by  Seth Godin’s Domino project, the agency was cited for their innovative  “Walks With Bliss: Idea Lab Walks”, an experiential form of guided strategic business meetings for leadership groups, individual CEOs, or business owners. Using neuroscience and physiology (and Mother Nature) to induce visionary ideas [more]

One Brand Example

As a pioneer in promoting and bringing the Holistic Health Network to California in the 90’s (before the internet), Allison educated and promoted Alternative/Integrative Health options to the public and the media. . . now popularized in national media rather than the frequent ridicule that was common in those early days.

Her study [on public’s use of “Holistic Health”] was used by some members of Congress to champion legislation in this area at the time. [more]



FILM REEL AND CLAPBOARD  Allison’s background includes managing large teams on productions for thousands of major events. Contributing to Emmy, Iris, and Peabody award-winning films and television shows, Allison founded the Commercials Committee for the Directors Guild of America.

She has held creative positions producing, directing or managing a breadth of media from television (ABC-TV, HBO, MTV), to Hollywood feature films (Paramount Pictures, Universal, etc.), commercials with New York, LA and San Francisco’s top ad agencies, live concerts, corporate events, conferences, music videos, broadcast news, telethons, sales training videos, live news, documentaries, and much more.

Allison worked with many divas and some great talents including Robin Williams, Sean Connery, Frances Ford Coppola and the Grateful Dead before redirecting her skillset into business and marketing, after a car accident prevented her walking and running during her 20-hour film workdays. She now leads her signature service: “Walks With Bliss”, revolutionary walking business consultations to get her mileage quota.


business women connect  Allison Bliss Consulting was chosen as a Partner for the National Organization “Business Woman Connect” in 2012 to provide expert marketing services, workshops and guidance for developing business & professional women.


WRITING CONTRIBUTION GALLERYAllison Bliss is a contributing reporter to the Oakland Business Review and AlamedaBusiness newspapers, the East Bay Business Times, Directors Guild of America Magazine, and has been interviewed by Investors Business Daily, San Francisco Chronicle, Film Clips and more.



PRESENTED TO GALLERY  Bliss has been a guest lecturer for the International Association of Business Communicators, The Career Action Center, San Francisco State University, Golden Gate University, Organization of Women Architects, and the Association of Personal Historians.

Allison teaches the marketing classes for the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Francisco. Previously, she also taught advanced marketing and continues to consult microenterprise business startups.

Students comment: "What sets Allison apart from other consultants is her holistic approach to marketing. She considers personal attributes that founders bring to the company and understands that everything is interconnected. This approach ensures that her strategies aren't just focused on services or products but encompass every aspect of your business.

Moreover, Allison is compassionate and personable, making me feel like she was more of a mentor than a consultant. Her openness and ability to listen helped our conversation flow organically, making our brainstorming session incredibly effective." [more]


Our business purpose is to support our community.


→ short bio for media:

Allison Bliss Consulting is a creative team of experts bringing insightful knowledge with diverse experience to solve marketing challenges.

From branding to communications, or strategic business plans to websites, social media, publicity, videos and ad campaigns, the company brings the insight and imaginative talent pool to solve your challenges and fulfill your vision.  Total Bliss.

Over the past 20 years, successful campaigns have been delivered to clients including: Intuit, UCSF, Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, Apple Computers, the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, and literally hundreds more established and small businesses across the globe. Allison led projects for Mayor Willie Brown in San Francisco, films and TV shows with Frances Ford Coppola, Robin Williams, the Grateful Dead, Paramount Pictures and literally hundreds more.

If you have a vision, Allison Bliss Consulting will manifest it into reality for you!




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