Walking: The New Washington Power Struggle

Sharing an article from the Washington Post on politicians competing to get the most steps. I find it encouraging that even our top politicos are finding ways to incorporate walking into their work. The article quips;  “[Rep. John] Boehner’s staff even holds meetings in the Capitol Rotunda … READ FULL POST

Does Walking Help You Think?

best article yet on walking. Published on 9/3/14 in the New Yorker: Why Walking Helps Us Think looks at the many sides of how walking influences our lives – from memory to strokes of insight to psychological studies, it covers the gamut.


Walking Idea Labs: Awards & Recognition

Walking “Idea Lab” Consultations Recognized as one of America’s top business and marketing innovators, Seth Godin’s Domino Project Nominated Allison Bliss Consulting’s “Walking Idea Lab” (now called “Walks with Bliss) for the unique approach and method to elicit business breakthroughs, citing the initiator (walking leader, … READ FULL POST