Make Money Walking: Press Release

February 22, 2012

Oakland, CAIn response to American workers and entrepreneurs craving more exercise, and less time spent in meetings, this week Allison Bliss Consulting, a San Francisco Bay Area marketing agency, launches a service coupling business-building education with stress-reducing waterfront walks.

With the goal of helping entrepreneurs flourish, the agency’s main consultant, Allison Bliss, takes clients outside for her “Walks With Bliss: Idea Lab” consulting walks. During the one-hour walks, CEOs and business leaders are guided to create specific and customized revenue-building strategies – even as they are being soothed by waves, or entertained by pelicans hunting along the Bay Area’s shores and beaches.

Clients who have taken advantage of this unique service have experienced vast business shifts, such as figuring how to create an extra $100,000 in passive income; how to reach an entirely new market to generate continuous revenue; and how to create a comprehensive branding strategy – all while indulging in some stress-reducing, gentle exercise.

“When we expand our environmental horizons our creative forces are stronger, and our resistance to business change is reduced. Thus, more success is possible,” Bliss states.

Participants depart with a recorded action-oriented plan to implement business-building ideas generated during the walks, which take place weekdays-only after work.


Agency Profile: Allison Bliss Consulting

An award winning marketing & communications agency, Allison Bliss Consulting attracts smart, conscientious CEO’s, entrepreneurs, startups, and non profit leaders who want practical, customized solutions to produce more revenue.


Total Marketing Services

teams of specialists in high level marketing strategies  ♦  digital marketing- websites/blogs  social media   publicity ♦  content development, design,writing ♦  video  ♦ and more in this one stop marketing agency bringing cost- and time-efficiency to your marketing efforts.


Clients include Apple Computers, Intuit, Chip Conley’s Peak Organizations, and hundreds of small business entrepreneurs or leaders.Managing production for 10,000+ major Hollywood films, television shows, music concerts, commercials, and live events (with talent including Bobby McFerrin, Robin Williams and the Grateful Dead), Bliss directs the agency’s creative teams to help businesses earn more profits insightfully, effectively, and affordably.



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