Individual Consulting Walks


Where business savvy & neuroscience meet creative ideas: Business walks designed to turn your ideas into reality. Walking Just Makes You Smarter. It’s Proven Science.

Walking isn't just for health or inspired ideas. A Consultant brings you answers outside of your own knowledge base & unearths experienced business wisdom to bring clarity, specific action plans or resources to turn ideas into answers with profits.


Your Epiphanies Are Amplified. We Deliver Answers:    Guaranteed!


We've helped hundreds of unique CEO's, Executive Directors, Leaders and Entrepreneurs for over 3 decades. A few share epiphanies from their one hour walk - each with a different business goal. 


With complex businesses and lives, we strive for blissful ease to express our struggles and gain answers through beautiful guided walks by an experienced consultant.


Clients Describe Walks with Bliss

    • Profoundly innovative, creative and high-value guided & actionable  brainstorming 


    • Guided walks sharpen free flowing ideas by providing perspective and knowledge


    • Blissful walks clarify business strategy to enhance revenue or clarify branding, from a Business & Marketing Strategist with proven results from experience


    • By the end of a 1 hour walk, you’ll know the steps to take immediate action


Individual Walks: What You Get

√  Before the walk: 15 minute phone evaluation session to define the main issues of your business - what's working and what's not - and solution you seek. This assures us both that you'll get a guaranteed answer. 

√  Together we'll choose a location, time and date.

√ Your One Hour Consultative Walk: In a gentle walk, your consultation will include discussion of your quest, solutions and answers to guide you to action. Resources are provided, where necessary.

√ Recording: You'll be sent an MP3 file of our recorded walk so you'll have ideas and direction to mull over further, specific action steps to follow, or to share with your staff.

Your Total Cost:$300 

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