What Are “Walks With Bliss”?

Epiphanies Amplified!

These 1 Hour "Walks With Bliss" turn your expansive  vision into actualized answers. If you're just one idea short of an epiphany, these waterfront walks will clarify how to transform your ideas into profits.

It's simple: You'll get further faster with a business & marketing expert guiding you in a relaxed business consultation while walking through nature - for Groups or for Individuals.  




Learned what  to do right now to increase my income by $100,000." - Shannon Solutions [/pullquote]

A  Money Back Guaranteed Answer!

So many choices: business partnerships, social media, finance new products, presentations,  distribution networks, hire employees, expansion or cutbacks - what action works for your unique business to get results?  Different stages of a business' growth require different tactics - and that takes decades of experience to discover.  

Unleash your vision and walk into an epiphany with Marketing Director, Allison Bliss.

Guaranteed answers to your top quest in this business-oriented walk. We bring the tools, a vast database of resources, and hands-on experience that you don't have so you'll know what works, what does not,  and what actions to take to bring your vision to reality- smarter and faster.

Walking is a simple, yet extraordinary way to boost the power of creativity . Add the power of a business & marketing expert to limitless ideas in nature and you’ll amplify the epiphanies you've had for your business walking solo.


This walking consultation is recorded, so no need to take notes!


This brain research reported in the LA Times and National Institutes of Health explains why these walking consultations work so powerfully.

Innovative Experience


 "Business Innovators with Wendy"


Top Business Award Nominee for Innovation

The Walks with Bliss (Idea Lab walk created by Allison Bliss Consulting) was nominated for the unique approach and method to elicit business breakthroughs.


Epiphanies & Proven Results

“I spent a deeply rewarding hour walking and brainstorming with Allison in this Walks With Bliss. We explored two business challenges while wandering along the bustling Oakland waterfront.

Valuable, relevant, and surprising insights emerged during the session – I was able to implement an entirely fresh approach to promoting my business the very next day!”- Laurie C., President, CEO Marketing & Branding Company

Anecdotally, we've got our own proof on the results: We've guided many people into epiphanies and results in from these walks.

Yes this walk was worth the cost! I got far more out of it than I expected. Within 5 minutes, we got to the root of my business issue and began to solve it. . .  found ways to differentiate the company, and execute a new marketing campaign."- Winning Strategies



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Contact us directly to schedule your "Walks With Bliss" strategic consulting session! Let us know your quest so we can ensure we'll be able to guarantee you an answer. 

Purchase an Individual  Walk $300

Purchase Group Walk (8 or fewer) $2350

 (Simply call us to test our triad walks!! not for sale online yet. )

Walk into your bliss today.  415-806-5600 


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Evolution of Consulting Idea Lab Walks

The Genesis- Walking for business:   How did the idea evolve to enable CEO’s and business owners to get further faster in walking idea lab consultations? Through wooded paths, beaches or lakes, Allison honed this methodology for decades. Starting as casual, after-work walks, Allison guided … READ FULL POST