Evolution of Consulting Idea Lab Walks

The Genesis- Walking for business:


How did the idea evolve to enable CEO’s and business owners to get further faster in walking idea lab consultations?

Through wooded paths, beaches or lakes, Allison honed this methodology for decades.

Starting as casual, after-work walks, Allison guided friends, clients and colleagues to resolve work or huge life issues:

  • coping with divorce,
  • grief from deaths of loved ones,
  • loss of jobs,
  • economic impacts to their business,
  • team productivity,
  • difficult employees,
  • and more.

“These healing walks were simply an alternative to sitting around drinking after work”; comments Bliss. “We wanted to get some exercise while kvetching about issues in our lives. Because we live in such a perfect year-round climate, it was easy to just meet for a walk – no cost, no equipment and no crowded or noisy places were needed.”

Allison and her friends knew their  endorphins increased from exercise, but they hadn’t expected reaching levels of release, problem-solving or awareness just from these walks. After years of testing, she learned that people just get further faster with this process than cooped up inside an office.

Raised by a psychologist father who was an expert in perception, Allison had always been intrigued by this area, especially human reactions, which earned her a degree in acting/directing in her early years.

Allison claims that “acting is really the study of reactions. That’s what an actor and director are feeling, intuiting and even manipulating in a performance: How one character reacts to another or how the audience will react to specific behavior or imagery.” She later worked on stage, film & television for several decades before an auto accident moved her out of grueling location work into marketing.

Over an 8 year period of time, Allison monitored how perception was shifting, how long it took for people to express an issue emotionally, during the walks, and then the actual process of  transforming resistance into productive potential.

Perfecting this process, Allison discovered that there was an impact far greater than any in-office consultation happening during these walks. It was the forward momentum in a methodically- guided walk that literally moved people through problems into action or resolution.

Testing walks for over a year, Allison honed a consultation that uses the beauty of nature in tandem with vast experience in business and marketing to “walk clients into” answers in her one-hour idea lab walking consultations.


[ask Allison about her theory on peripheral visioning].

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