How Did Walking Keep People Sane During Pandemic

Thanks to long time friend and colleague, Barrie Marchant for sharing this beautiful article by Sibbie O’Sullivan from the Washington Post  about “walking, as so many people have discovered during the coronavirus pandemic, is freedom. Three new books remind us that it’s also so much more.” … READ FULL POST

Labyrinth Tours

“Mindful, Mythical and the Preposterous: Experiential Learning of Labyrinths” Labyrinths are found in every country on our planet. Thought to be an archetypal symbol of transformation, they can open participants to the great mysteries of life. In the Oakland hills, there are 11 labyrinths outside in … READ FULL POST

Wildflower Walk in Roberts Regional Park

Allison co-led  a wildflower walk in Oakland’s Roberts Regional Park on April 30,2016 for a private group. Thanks to Jenny Rieger of Columbine Landscaping for sharing her vast knowledge on medicinal & Native tribes’ uses of plants – and helping us identify several of the 3 … READ FULL POST

Walking: The New Washington Power Struggle

Sharing an article from the Washington Post on politicians competing to get the most steps. I find it encouraging that even our top politicos are finding ways to incorporate walking into their work. The article quips;  “[Rep. John] Boehner’s staff even holds meetings in the Capitol Rotunda … READ FULL POST

Does Walking Help You Think?

best article yet on walking. Published on 9/3/14 in the New Yorker: Why Walking Helps Us Think looks at the many sides of how walking influences our lives – from memory to strokes of insight to psychological studies, it covers the gamut.


Walking to Improve ADHD at Work

improving work for those with ADD or ADHD. Challenges and answers in our therapeutic Walks With Bliss for physical and mental health. Learn about our scientific study on ADHD and walking.


Wellness Walks for Reduced Stress, Life Balance, Full Spirit Expression and Emotional Health

Introduction of the Walks With Bliss Wellness Program for enhanced work productivity – not just through physical, but also full spirited expression, life balance, and enhancement of mental or emotional health, as well.