Belonging, Marketing, and the Academy Awards

Recorded on Valentines Day to share the love to all readers, this 4 minute video answers this: What do the Academy Awards and marketing have to do with belonging? I would love to read your thoughts or comments! If you want those connections that I  mentioned in the … READ FULL POST

Best time of year

Here are some tips on the best time of year to reach new clients  —  and a few other tidbits to help you build business: If you feel stuck not knowing which actions will best support your business, simply contact us. Together we’ll figure out the … READ FULL POST

Benefits of just ambling walks

Love this article from the NY Times. Had to share for your enjoyment,  even though it’s not about the business-issue-solving walks that I offer in Walks With Bliss.  The beauty of a ‘walk and talk’   By Jancee Dunn [excerpted to remove non relevant items/ads] Hello, … READ FULL POST