WALKS FOR BUSINESS CEO’S, ENTREPRENEURS, OR LEADERS   Consultant Brainstorming: Pivot Your Business: Find Other Income +20   For those who must abandon their business during shelter-in-place orders. Yes! We’ll keep 6 feet apart on our walk! WALKS FOR EMPLOYEES WORKING AT HOME: SHELTER-IN-PLACE SANITY … READ FULL POST

Group Walks

Leadership or Business Teams It’s  like a day spa for work. You’re getting some exercise in this 1 hour business “retreat”.   Solve your organization’s quest and build consensus with ease, while trained facilitators unify your group’s ideas. Bring us your objective, challenge or goal. … READ FULL POST

Bernstein’s “America” Caps Irony of “Vice”

If you’re going to see the extraordinary film Vice, you’ve just got to first revisit the number America in West Side Story (staged 1957). I was shocked by its sad relevancy to our current (racist) immigration strife and urban displacement, ironically set to uptempo, cheery music. … READ FULL POST

Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. J. Bellen, of the Center for Aesthetic Dentistry worked with Allison’s marketing agency to re-frame his general dental practice into an exclusive  cosmetic practice. As Creative Director, Allison’s design and photography teams developed web and promotional materials that allowed the Center to simplify the services offered, … READ FULL POST