Interplan, Inc. –  a Health Benefits Corporation

Interplan offered HMO & pharmacy benefits plans for large multinational corporations and institutions. Working with their Marketing Director, expert teams at Allison Bliss Consulting’s marketing agency conducted market research to clarify how the organization’s services were deeply valued. Under Allison’s strategic direction, writing and design … READ FULL POST

Marketing Communications Resume: Allison Bliss Media, and Events Specialist Marketing Director, Marketing Communications, … READ FULL POST

Brand Example

dvd copycat ad 2007

Branding is more than cute logos and taglines. It’s sometimes about building a new company or industry. Here’s one example from our collection: As a pioneer in promoting and bringing the Holistic Health Network to California in the 90’s (before the internet), Allison educated and … READ FULL POST

Is It Worth Your Money to Advertise?

When to use ads, when advertising is not advised, how broadcast ads work, with demo of what makes these print & online ad examples work for Munchery & Here Comes The Guide.


Interviews Bring Stronger Benefits

Here’s a holiday gift with lasting value. . . not an app or one click program but a time tested tactic that brings results far faster! Enjoy~ Allison

Handled correctly, Informational Interviews have benefited several of my clients with increased sales, higher profits or landing ideal jobs created just for them!