Growing & Thriving Beyond Apathy: Knowledge is Bliss

If you’ve allowed yourself the rest with time for internal reflection during the pandemic, you may have had some useful discoveries: Change or revise your business, quit your job and start a business, or maybe continue the long absence of decision making. Is this a welcome change?

Many people I’ve spoken with feel a growing apathy about going back to work or recalibrating their business.  Admittedly, I’ve experienced a bit of this myself, haven’t you?

When we work full-throttle, burnout or apathy is part of the natural order inducing change and growth. It’s almost a required rite of passage to hit the wall at some point. That’s just part of being in business for several years – or having a long, successful career. It doesn’t matter if you love your business, your clients or your job.



Many employees laid off during the pandemic are starting their own business so they don’t need to rely on an employer for income. Without the experience of knowing what tiger traps they’ll discover or how to sustain a business over the long term, they often start developing a product or service and a website – or use tactics from the larger company they were working for.  When they discover those ideas aren’t sufficient for a small business to generate sustainable ROI or income, they hit the wall of fear or apathy. I’ve seen this with a few dozen smart, ambitious startups that my company supports.

Luckily, the guided support from strong marketing consultation gets them back on track to gain results. Our clients tell us there’s nothing like fruitful revenue to drain apathy!



There are as many tactics as there are people to allay apathy. Here are a few:



Sleep more (oh right, you've probably done that this year). Maybe your body, mind and spirit are exhausted and need to rejuvenate in dreams, meditation, reflective brainstorming, or rest.



Exercise to boost energy. Adding oxygen to your body can also reinvigorate your business with endorphins if you’re feeling unmotivated.






  If it’s time to refresh and re-juice your business, while gaining clarity to make your business work, check out our Walks With Bliss business consultations.

Turn ideas into answers with profits in a 1 hour walk, while getting a bit of easy exercise at the same time.





“ . . . its where business savvy & neuroscience meet creative ideas. . . worth triple the cost we paid -- and we know the dividends will continue indefinitely.” [more epiphanies . . .]


  • Profoundly innovative, creative and high-value guided & actionable brainstorming 


  • Guided walks sharpen free flowing ideas by providing perspective and knowledge


  • Blissful walks clarify business strategyto enhance revenue or clarify branding, from a Business & Marketing Strategist with proven results from experience


  • By the end of a 1 hour walk, you’ll know the steps to take immediate action



While you may have experienced great insights on your own walks, you’ll just magnify that when you have a business consultant guiding you: Especially if it’s one who’s been through that apathetic phase and back to fruitfulness! This guided walk affords you the "safety" of guided brainstorming with a marketing professional.


What can a 1-hour Walk With Bliss do for you right now?

Individual Consulting Walks: for CEO's or Business Owners 


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