Lead the Vision, Not the Minutiae

photo credit: JJ Jordan

What’s the secret to radical growth, innovation and success? It’s the same tactic used by organizations throughout the world for growth strategies. You probably know it, but may not yet be adopting these tactics:

• Spend your time on big picture visioning and innovation by freeing yourself from minutiae and details

• Alleviate your staff’s workload so you don’t burn them out. Turnover is just too expensive in time, cost, and information lost

• Avoid payroll, employee benefits costs, and employer liabiilities

• Require efficiency and deliverables on projects in exchange for pay

• Expand your company’s intellectual capital and perspective for innovations, ideas, and solutions from a cross-pollination of experience across a breadth of industry types

• Let someone else source and manage tested teams saving you time, money, and mistakes

• Find those with capabilities to ramp up lightning fast on new ideas, initiatives, or changes - and assign those projects to them, get them off your desk

It’s far more time- and cost- saving to hire a generalist (cross-pollinated) firm who manages the project goals and teams with the technical or creative expertise. Just take a look at some of our clients at Apple, Intuit, UCSF, ABC-TV, Chevron, and dozens of growing organizations.

If you jump to the conclusion it’s too expensive, you might want to ask us first before depriving your company of this possibility!

photo credit: Bill Oxford

New marketing goals can be brainstormed and handed over to our Marketing & Communications firm to free you from excess stress so you can focus on the vision. We’ll collaborate on ideas with your team and execute the plans with our expert teams.

Led by a Marketing Director, our experts create results from innovative strategies & ideas:

• website upgrades
• social media outreach & conversion
• graphic design
• copywriting
• videos
• advertising
• media planning/buying

All managed to stay on-point, on-message, on-time, on-budget delivering quality to market.

Have ideas you want to discuss? Simply contact us: www. AllisonBliss.com/contact

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