Interplan Health Group/Revamp Marketing Communications

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“Both our company President and V.P. of Marketing were so pleased with the leads generated due to Allison Bliss Consulting  agency’s creative team handling our concept and design! ” Dear Allison; Thanks for our terrific trade show exhibit. We had the most creative booth of … READ FULL POST

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Carter Designs/Results

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“Incredible, measurable value that just keeps on building! That’s my experience with Allison Bliss. She interviewed my clients (which gave me some surprising insights),  to define my company’s positioning points. Beyond my business design contributions, clients now perceived me as even more committed to helping … READ FULL POST

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Yelp Reviews

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REVIEWS FROM YELP (sometimes Yelp removes reviews. We don’t know why. If so, here’s a copy of our reviews of Allison Bliss Consulting on Yelp … READ FULL POST

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West Alameda Business Association

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“Allison Bliss is a kind, dedicated, unselfish collaborator. Allison volunteered her time, connections and services to the nonprofit for which I was Executive Director. She managed whatever was thrown her way, was reliable, got things done, was an amazing team player, built strong relationships with … READ FULL POST

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Ottawa Student Intern

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For consulting a student intern helping a business in Ottawa, Allison received this kind note on her facebook page: “I was looking to publish a Health and Safety Manual and thought it would cost me over a thousand dollars just to get started, and I … READ FULL POST

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Visionary Resources

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“Let me count the ways I valued consultations from Allison Bliss Consulting: 1) The pre-session homework was sobering and thoughtful.  It helped me focus.  It got me in a receptive, let’s-get-to-it consciousness for the sessions. 2) Allison’s gracious manner throughout made me feel at ease, valued, and receptive. 3) Her careful … READ FULL POST

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Institute of Women and Technology

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“Allison is wonderful to work with. She has terrific ideas, is challenging yet supportive & patient. and seems to immediately understand what your business is really all about.” – Dr. Sara B. Hart, [former] Executive Director, Institute for Women and Technology … READ FULL POST

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Lucchesi Communications, Writer

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“After 20 years as a writer, and writing about everyone else’s products and services, I found it hard to pitch my own. But Allison helped me to remember that editors are simply another target market seeking a product (my writing) that will meet their editorial … READ FULL POST

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Computer Consultant

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“The average income I have come to expect on a contract has more than doubled. For effective marketing, I recommend Allison Bliss Consulting without reservation. Allison brought my Computer Consulting business results. She developed my marketing strategy to bring me clients, has helped me define … READ FULL POST

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“I needed to find ways to move my business to the next level.  Allison anticipated my concerns and really understood my style. Her recommendations were right on target.  It was uncanny that Allison and I seemed to be on the same wave length the whole … READ FULL POST

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