For consulting a student intern helping a business in Ottawa, Allison received this kind note on her facebook page:

“I was looking to publish a Health and Safety Manual and thought it would cost me over a thousand dollars just to get started, and I was feeling really pessimistic for the outcome. But thanks to Allison’s wonderful and thoughtful advice I have started operations at less than $150. Allison suggested I use printing on demand online, and after looking into it did nothing but prove Allison’s business marketing advice right. Allison literally saved me over a thousand dollars with her advice. I am glad I found her site, she saved me a boat load, and all her advice and words of encouragement were absolutely amazing! She truly is an honest and trustworthy and motivational person to work with. I really advise you use her marketing tips to further your business or any simple ideas you may have.”  – Mohammad Yahya
Ottawa Student Intern