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We work with smart, innovative business leaders to grow their businesses. Our company profile and client's results should flesh out the picture for you.




“I will easily double my revenues this year . . . a powerful kind of support” — Deborah Welch, Ph.D., Principle, Reflective Leadership Global


Marketing & Communications Services

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Get your marketing on track to earn the profits you need.

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Once your marketing plan is effectively producing results, choose from these additional "Ala Carte" Services with our Team of Proven Experts -


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Walks With Bliss: Epiphanies for business challenges.

 Publicity: Become known. Fill your events!

Don't Take Our Word For It! 

This comment from a client with a brilliant, pioneering business. A former senior executive working with Steve Jobs at Apple.

Marketing is more than cute promotion! 

It's integral to your entire business: Getting found, setting correct pricing, standing out amongst competitors, and so much more. Our Marketing Director manages our Team of 35 Expert Specialists so you can focus on helping your clients.


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Proven Success Growing Businesses

Clients claim: “Incredible, Measurable Results”

♦ Increased sales for client over 400% first year,

♦ Won the Board of Directors award for client company bringing targeted publicity to increase business,

♦ Rebranded and redefined messaging for a client enabling the successful, and quite lucrative sale of their corporation,

♦ Strengthened direction, business model, results & profits for hundreds of startups and small businesses with affordable tactics and our award winning teams of experts.

Jacqueline W.

Allison Bliss is THE REAL DEAL!

... goes the extra mile for her clients and has a really great team of creatives. . . strengthening my marketing message, and making me look really good. Their prices are fair, and they deliver. - Jacqueline Wales, Executive Bali Retreats



“Thanks to your company, I got new clients in England, Japan and Israel! I really don't think anyone else could have helped me in the unique and powerful way your company did”- John Scott, Voice Yoga


Qualified Advice

You'll get vast & qualified business advice – not only clever or cute ideas like other marketing firms –from our experience building million dollar companies, managing dozens more, and serving on boards with bottom line responsibility.


“ . . . liked the company's approach and style, thought we would be getting a marketing plan, but we got so much more! Not only is Allison an outstanding marketing mind who managed teams that created amazing collateral, a website and a brand for us, but she is an astute business person overall. . . sound, reliable advice. I loved the results we got from her work – I can’t recommend her company highly enough.” -Sandy Minella, Co-CEO, Start Up Right


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Total Marketing Services all at one company 

Knowledge is Bliss. Know what works to make good decisions


Total Bliss  A Different Experience! 

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