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Walks With Bliss: Epiphanies for business challenges.

 Publicity: Become known. Fill your events!



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This comment from a client with a brilliant, pioneering business. A former senior executive working with Steve Jobs at Apple.

I’ve worked with some of the best-known global marketing agencies and Allison Bliss’s work is easily on par and in many ways far superior. There is zero of the usual marketing over selling and fluff that comes from large marketing firms. Allison elegantly tells you the truth and focuses on the essential requirements with zero over thinking, zero over hype, and zero buzzword salads. She is a grounded marketing partner. I recommend Allison Bliss Consulting for anyone looking for a world class marketing partner. She is a true partner with exceptional talent.” – Bill Hall, President, Simulation Studios


Proven Success Growing Businesses

Clients claim: “Incredible, Measurable Results”

♦ Increased sales for client over 400% first year,

♦ Won the Board of Directors award for client company bringing targeted publicity to increase business,

♦ Rebranded and redefined messaging for a client enabling the successful, and quite lucrative sale of their corporation,

♦ Strengthened direction, business model, results & profits for hundreds of startups and small businesses with affordable tactics and our award winning teams of experts.

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Marketing is more than cute promotion! 

It's integral to your entire business: Getting found, setting correct pricing, standing out amongst competitors, and so much more. Our Marketing Director manages our Team of 35 Expert Specialists so you can focus on helping your clients.



“Thanks to your company, I got new clients in England, Japan and Israel! I really don't think anyone else could have helped me in the unique and powerful way your company did”- John Scott, Voice Yoga



We work with smart, innovative business leaders to grow their businesses. Our company profile and client's results should flesh out the picture for you.




“I will easily double my revenues this year . . . a powerful kind of support” — Deborah Welch, Ph.D., Principle, Reflective Leadership Global


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