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“Allison's Creative Strategy Walk  is a wonderful opportunity to take your mind and body outside the constraints of the office and, with her skilled help, goose your outside-the-box thinking. Strolling around the colorful and scenic Oakland waterfront in and around Jack London Square provides new ideas more unfettered freedom to circulate around your mind and find an accepting foothold.

The walk was an enjoyable way to generate and explore ideas for bringing in new business.  I left our session with renewed enthusiasm for implementing new plans. - Douglas Herring, Douglas Herring & Associates, Environmental Policy & Planning Services



“What an inspired idea to walk while strategizing for my business!  We got so much done that we couldn't possibly have accomplished sitting around a desk.I walked away with an elevator speech, a clear strategy to focus on to make my business known and enough tips so I know exactly what to do over the next few months.I am very grateful for your expertise and will do this again as soon as I have executed the agreed upon actions.This experience is inspiring me to work with my clients outdoors!” - Uli Mueller, Executive Coach, Progressive EFT practitioner



 initial blastt logo"My husband and I are in the pre-launch phase of our new company, and had contacted Allison to do one of her "Walks with Bliss" meetings. Neither of us was quite sure what to expect. We're both huge exercise fans, so the prospect of having a meeting outdoors was definitely intriguing. But we had no clue what would actually transpire during our walk, and thought it might be nothing more than a pleasant diversion from being indoors.

Were we in for a HUGE surprise!!!

2012-10-02 11.00.03During a lovely walk around the Oakland estuary, Allison asked us a series of questions that on the surface seemed more like  fun conversation-starters. But Doug and I soon realized that her inquiries were incredibly sharp and probing on a number of levels...and caused us both to think about our company in a way we hadn't ever done before.

What Allison was able to do, by very skillfully leading the conversation, and listening to our verbal data-diump, was to induce us to think about what's possible  –  what we REALLY want to see happen with our business  –  completely free of all restriction.

Because Allison makes her clients feel absolutely safe, and that anything mentioned is (and will be) within the realm of the doable, Doug and I felt free to articulate our wildest hopes. While we thought the business should be restricted to one small "compartment," Allison allowed us to break those bonds and realize that what we actually want is something else entirely: Instead of one tiny, mom & pop operation, our business could actually be franchised internationally one day.

2012-10-02 10.56.03Without Allison's skillful questioning and gentle nudging of the conversation, we would never have had that clarity. Such an ability to see the "whole enchilada," needless to say, has been invaluable in reworking our business plan, seeing what challenges lie ahead, and what we need to do to address those challenges.

As a lifelong journalist, I'm used to being the one asking the questions. To observe someone else doing this so insightfully, and with such purpose, was a revelation for me. I am convinced that Allison's concept of getting her clients outside, into the fresh air, and out of the normal doldrums of the office environment, is pure genius for starters. What she manages to do during the walks is absolutely brilliant.

So impressed were we with this initial get-together that Doug and I maximized the value of our "stroll" by booking a second, extremely insightful meeting with Allison (this time in her office), during which we went from big-picture concepts to specific tactics and strategies for realizing our business objectives.

Since Allison specializes in developing marketing strategies for sole proprietors and small business owners like ourselves, her expertise was invaluable in helping us craft a realistic (and most importantly –   affordable) plan of attack.

Allison has so many fascinating and fun tricks up her sleeve for those of us who are working on slender budgets. I cannot recommend her services highly enough to anyone who is facing the daunting task of figuring out what their company is, and then how to get the word out. Our "Walks with Bliss" was worth triple the cost we paid -- and we know the dividends will continue indefinitely.” Marianne Lucchesi & Doug Hamilton, BLASTT  



bodyawaregrieving“Already well-known for her innovative business consulting services, Allison Bliss has begun to offer "Creative Strategy Walks".    Instead of sitting in a static office setting to discuss the needs of my growing company, we spent our hour-long session walking along the beach. Exercise and enterprise at the same time! One of the best parts is that Allison tape recorded our conversation.  Instead of needing to take notes during our meeting I was able to let my ideas flow more freely, knowing the facts would all be available in complete detail.   This audio transcript also allowed me to forward all the important information to my business partner who was unable to join us in person. Walking along in a beautiful natural setting is really inspiring.  Meanwhile Allison is able to keep our discussions focused on business priorities very skillfully.   It feels like having the best of both worlds...an expansive vista to help me dream big and targeted professional guidance to facilitate those visions becoming a functional business.  Highly recommended.”- Margo Rose, Body Aware Grieving 



“I found this Creative Strategy walk quite an innovative and profound process. My experience was that the power of this process was at first very subtle. However, the exercise of the walk, the change of landscape during the walk, and having Allison engage me in the marketing inquiries became a Gestalt experience.

I was able to access my creativity from different angles due to the outdoors and exercise stimulus. As a marketing consultant, Allison truly shines in her ability to track the deeper message and themes beneath details and descriptions. She was able to identify core benefits of my work in ways that I would not have seen.

The value is that I now have a better understanding about my brand and my unique services. Thank you, Allison, for being a catalyst for me to consider another range of benefits that I had not yet identified by myself.” - Sasha Sabbeth, Entrepreneur's Intuition and Purpose Mentor



“I spent a deeply rewarding hour walking and brainstorming with Alison Bliss. We explored two business challenges while wandering along the bustling Oakland waterfront. Valuable, relevant, and surprising insights emerged during the session – I was able to implement an entirely fresh approach to promoting my business the very next day!”- Laurie C., President, CEO Marketing & Branding Company



“Thank you for the delightful and productive "creative strategy walk". I've downloaded the recording you sent and listened to it twice. I think we did a very good job of identifying the things I need to do right now to increase my passive income (by $100,000).

In particular, thanks to your patient explanations, I now know exactly which tools I can productize immediately. I will be building my new products on my plane ride tomorrow morning.

Thank you so much for your creativity and especially for your focus on my unique needs. The walk by the bay was beautiful and exactly the jump start I needed.” – Barbara Shannon, Shannon Solutions



"I've been an entrepreneur for a few years now but was not happy with the level I was at in my business.

I had decided to 'retool' some of my products and programs in order to bring in more revenue, but I also had a lot of concerns and confusion on how to proceed. I didn't have a lot of time and money to experiment. That's when I decided to go for a walk with Allison Bliss.

I highly recommend this service with Allison.  I think the value is WAY more than the investment!"- Cheryl Liquori, Content Marketing Strategist, Founder: Business Blogger Network



"When I first heard about her Creative Strategy Walks, I just thought, "oh, how cute." But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Would I rather sit on the phone in my cluttered home office, or would I rather get outdoors and let fresh air, exercise and creative thinking combine for a productive hour with a true marketing expert?!

During our walk, Allison asked some key questions about my business, my marketing and my sales.  And during our discussion she provided better ideas on what I could offer to boost sales.

I got a lot more clarity for how I should proceed that's going to save me a lot of time! She sent me the recording of our conversation within a few hours and after listening to it again, I've already started to implement the strategies she gave me.

Allison's ability to get right down to it comes not only from her innate talents and people skills, but also from her long experience in dealing with companies of all sizes.Do you need a marketing plan? Need to sharpen your ideas of what you want to do and how to do it? Talk to Allison.

Knowledge is bliss, and Allison Bliss has the knowledge you need." - Renee Bornstein, Astrology Oneness with Ki



"Allison Bliss knows her stuff. And she knows your stuff. Her intake form is the best, bar none.

The questions she asks makes you focus: on your business, on your goals, on who you are and what you want to accomplish with your business.

Then Allison takes you for a walk. A brainstorming walk, in which she utilizes all the data she's gotten about your business to ask you more questions. What is the value of your business? Where are you stating that? By the time you're done with a brisk, one-hour meeting with Allison, you've got your key statements, your goals, and the next steps to take in your 5-year plan.

Who else gives you that much in one short meeting? - Linda Salazar, Awaken the Genie Within

"Thanks so much for the "Idea Lab" walk. It was extremely beneficial to me; you really think outside the box. You put a spin on a lot of my marketing issues which gave me renewed energy for my marketing. I would recommend you to anyone seeking marketing and branding expertise. Interacting with you, I know I'm in the presence of a true professional." - Marcia Girardi,Clear Focus Coaching: Design your life!


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