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Here are a few epiphanies shared by our walkers after just a one hour walking consultation –  even before implementation:  

Solve issues, get more business and follow your bliss!


barbara shannon“… We did a very good job of identifying the things I need to do right now to increase my passive income. In particular, I now know tools I can productize immediately. . . The walk by the bay was beautiful and exactly the jump start I needed.”Barbara Shannon, Shannon Solutions

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“Yes this walk was worth the cost!…Within 5 minutes, we got to the root of my business issue and began to solve it. We then found ways to differentiate the company, and execute a new marketing campaign.

The walk was enjoyable, but at the same time, focused. It didn’t really feel like work, but we got a lot done!

I also found it helpful that I got a recording of our talk so I can reference it easily. The strategic walk is a bargain for what you get, and worthwhile to do periodically.”  – Cynthia Mackey, Winning Strategies

. . . Within 5 minutes, got to the root of my business issue to solve it. . . differentiate the company, execute a new marketing campaign.” – Winning Strategies  Link (rest of comments)


“I spent a deeply rewarding hour walking and brainstorming with Allison Bliss. We explored two business challenges while wandering along the bustling Oakland waterfront.

Valuable, relevant, and surprising insights emerged during the session – I was able to implement an entirely fresh approach to promoting my business the very next day!”– Laurie C., President, CEO Marketing & Branding Company


bodyawaregrieving“Already well-known for her innovative business consulting services, Allison Bliss has begun to offer “Creative Strategic “Walks with Bliss” so you can get exercise and enterprise at the same time!

One of the best parts is that Allison tape recorded our conversation. Instead of needing to take notes during our meeting I was able to let my ideas flow more freely, knowing the facts would all be available in complete detail.

. . . the best of both worlds: an expansive vista to help me dream big and targeted professional guidance to facilitate those visions becoming a functional business. Highly recommended.”Margo Rose, Body Aware Grieving

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doug herring logo“Allison’s Creative Strategy Walk is a wonderful opportunity to take your mind and body outside the constraints of the office and, with her skilled help, goose your outside-the-box thinking. . . [to] explore ideas for bringing in new business. I left our session with renewed enthusiasm for implementing new plans.” – Douglas Herring, Douglas Herring & Associates, Environmental Policy & Planning Services

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Uli“What an inspired idea to walk while strategizing for my business! We got so much done that we couldn’t possibly have accomplished sitting around a desk.
I walked away with an elevator speech, a clear strategy to focus on to make my business known and enough tips so I know exactly what to do over the next few months.” – Uli Mueller, Executive Leadership Coach, Progressive EFT practitioner

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