Labyrinth Tours

“Mindful, Mythical and the Preposterous: Experiential Learning of Labyrinths”

Labyrinths are found in every country on our planet. Thought to be an archetypal symbol of transformation, they can open participants to the great mysteries of life.

In the Oakland hills, there are 11 labyrinths outside in natural surroundings. Allison leads group tours to explore, understand, and experience the mystical, historic, symbolic and meaningful experience of labyrinths- both from a secular and sacred viewpoint.

Allison’s labyrinth walk at Sibley Volcanic Park was really lovely. I recommend doing this tour.  I learned about the history and the spirituality labyrinths have held for humans for thousands of years and then was able to have a personal experience walking a labyrinth understanding how to approach it based on that rich history and tradition. Allison did a wonderful job explaining everything so it was clear and later discussed our experience with a kind openness.  And all in a beautiful place.  – LeeAnn Alameda, Oakland

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star”- Nietzsche

Recommended  by doctors, churches, and schools, labyrinths allow a study in mindfulness. You’ll learn how the design is based on sacred geometry. Powerful revelations are often experienced by participants gaining knowledge or powerful insights.

“Knowledge is Bliss”Tour Options
*2.5 hours= 2 labyrinths
*3.5 hours= 3 labyrinths

This easy hike includes stops along the way for stretching & rest stops.

There is a picnic area at the trailhead if you wish to organize a lunch after a group hike.

Sometimes we can get stuck in our current challenges and unanswered questions. Allison Bliss leads small group Labyrinth tours sharing the anthropologically-oriented knowledge that heightened my experience walking the labyrinths. Naturally, this helped me go deeper to unearth the answers I had not yet found. Not only is it a warm bonding experience with others on the tour, but learning the beliefs, myths, and symbols from different cultures and eras,  actually helped me make decisions that are very modern and personally satisfying. Highly recommended. – Margo Rose 

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Suggested donation $10 per person. Groups of 10 or more discounted.

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