How Did Walking Keep People Sane During Pandemic

Thanks to long time friend and colleague, Barrie Marchant for sharing this beautiful article by Sibbie O’Sullivan from the Washington Post  about “walking, as so many people have discovered during the coronavirus pandemic, is freedom. Three new books remind us that it’s also so much more.”

The article has many clever gems including:

  • walking for social connections, for deepening conversations and grounding,
  • benefits of walking to organs and memory, and the lack causing cognitive impairment,
  • the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, a calming activity to combat work-related stress


As a walker myself, taking business owners/CEO’s out for guided walking consultations, I have experienced many of these benefits – and so many more – when we are “moving forward” (pun intended) rather than sitting to find answers- and it’s not the endorphins or influence of nature alone: It’s much more. You’ll find some of that on our “brain research” pages.

Of course, you need an experienced advisor for a walking consultation, but there is also something that happens in a walk that just doesn’t happen sitting: People release and process resistance, so they can make things happen faster. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of my clients’ experiences & epiphanies. 

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