Benefits of just ambling walks

Love this article from the NY Times. Had to share for your enjoyment,  even though it’s not about the business-issue-solving walks that I offer in Walks With Bliss.  The beauty of a ‘walk and talk’   By Jancee Dunn [excerpted to remove non relevant items/ads] Hello, … READ FULL POST

How Did Walking Keep People Sane During Pandemic

Thanks to long time friend and colleague, Barrie Marchant for sharing this beautiful article by Sibbie O’Sullivan from the Washington Post  about “walking, as so many people have discovered during the coronavirus pandemic, is freedom. Three new books remind us that it’s also so much more.” … READ FULL POST

Kinesthetic Marketing

Any business that’s really trying hard enough tends to develop these common issues at some point: employees not living up to expectations, revenue streams dwindling, operational lack of efficiencies in specific areas, slowdown in productivity or teams tangling in red tape, or just those things … READ FULL POST

Make Money Walking: Press Release

Oakland, CA – In response to American workers and entrepreneurs craving more exercise, and less time spent in meetings, this week Allison Bliss Consulting, a San Francisco Bay Area marketing agency, launches a service coupling business-building education with stress-reducing waterfront walks. With the goal of … READ FULL POST