Solvatur Ambulando: “It’s Solved by Walking”

buddha square 150 pxFor me, walking is a kind of spiritual refreshment; A pilgrimage before work each day. I solve problems and prepare myself for challenges in the pace of my walk.

After using walks to help clients gain answers in my Walks With Bliss service, I learned about Solvatur Ambulando: an Italian phrase meaning “It’s solved by Walking”.

Great thinkers, from Thoreau & Emerson to Steve Jobs, have used walking meditations for centuries to solve their quests. But this article on “Solvatur Ambulando: The Manly Art of Walking” had me laughing and fascinated at the same time because it covers quite a gamut of walking benefits.

Here are a few choice excerpts:

“When you sit face-to-face with someone, the mood can feel confrontational – you may be thinking about not making the “wrong” facial expression instead of the issue at hand . . . When you’re sitting or standing side-by-side, on the other hand, people feel more comfortable and open and less defensive. They can look off into the distance to gather their thoughts. . .”


“An Eskimo custom offers an angry person release by walking the emotion out of his or her system in a straight line across the landscape; the point at which the anger is conquered is marked with a stick, bearing witness to the strength or length of the rage.” – Lucy Lippard, Overlay, 1983


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