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Struggling to Write a Professional Company Profile?


Here are 2 Ways to Help Write a Company Profile:

1. Our Tool that Writes a Professional Company Profile for You.

2. Our Article About How to Write a Company Profile (below)

This online wizard (tool) writes your company profile for you – instantly!

If you’ve ever tried to write a company profile or bio, you know how difficult it is to do for yourself.

Hiring a competent pro to write your profile/bio costs around $500 – $1000.

This online tool walks you through a series of questions – just like a software wizard – and delivers your company profile instantaneously at the end. You’ll simply answer an online questionnaire, so that your answers ensure all critical company profile information is included.

No special software or computer programs are needed! You can revise or spice up your profile any way you want to, once it is completed.

This process was developed for the hundreds of professional bios and company profiles we’ve submitted for clients who have been published locally and nationally. You don’t have to be a writer to use this tool.


“My first and only Company profile, using Allison Bliss Consulting’s profile tool, yielded results from the very first customer to whom it was sent!!  The customer, is our local PEPSI bottling plant, the SBC Tanzania. Allison – I’m now acting as your marketing champion in our region of Tanzania. Thank you so much!” – Godfrey Lyatuu, GasFlow Systems Engineering, Tanzania (Engineering Services for the gas industry: systems design, installation, maintenance)

Article Explains How to Write a Company Profile or Bio?

black businesswoman reads articleThis article provides the basic tips for writing a company profile (for businesses) or bio (for individuals).

Don’t want to write your own? Make it professional and see our profile tool below.

Our Online Tool Writes your Company Profile and Works for Any Business

This company profile writing tool works for any business because the information needed in a profile is the same for all companies (or bios). This tool has been used by thousands of companies worldwide to create company profiles or bios to help them:

  • promote their companies,
  • for media profiles, or
  • to submit with business plans for funding.

The questions and profile are in English, only.

Samples of Company Profiles or Bios (Biographies)

man reads document reduced size.2Take a look at how this Australian software company used this profile tool.

Here are some samples of other profiles we’ve written for clients, or for media exposure they’ve gained from having proper company profiles:

* please note: some of these profiles have been updated over the years as those profiled have moved on in their careers. (Yes, they still use a vast portion of these profiles just as you will on yours!)

Another Short Company Profile Example:

DOUG HERRING LOGODouglas Herring & Associates (DHA) works with public agencies, developers, and other businesses in California to expertly obtain the environmental and planning approvals needed to move projects from the conceptual stage to physical, benefit-generating reality in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Since 1997, DHA has helped dozens of California cities and counties and scores of other businesses and organizations save money while obtaining high-quality planning and environmental analysis services necessary to get their projects expeditiously approved and built. Learn more on our website:  Douglas Herring & Associates.

Make it professional. Use this tool to write your profile for you.



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  2. Grace, this tool writes your company profile for you. If you need extra help
    or wish us to spice it up, contact us for estimates (custom-written profiles
    average $700-$1000) – so try this tool first: It may be all you need.