Favorite Article This Month: “Things Entrepreneurs Never Confess to Their VC’s”

author Dharmesh Shah takes a humorous look at top comments startups do NOT share with their VC’s in this business growth and marketing blog.


Why Big Customers Resist Doing Business with Start-Ups

Thanks to  Cynthia Kocialski for her guest post today; “Why Big Customers Resist Doing Business with Start-Ups”. When we find a symbiotic author with the business acumen, we like to share her wisdom in hopes it helps our clients and readers attain their goals more … READ FULL POST

How to Prioritize Marketing – So Much To Do, So Little Time

The oversimplified answer to managing your marketing time is to pick strategies that fit the goals of your business. Strategies are different for those in business under 5 years (generally growth mode), 5-10 years (refinement of service, marketing, operations and finance) and over 10 years … READ FULL POST

Ramp up Marketing With Social Media

“If you Power Surge Your Social Media (Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin) . . .   You’ll Ramp Up Your Branding, Outreach, Sales & Media Exposure”   Social Media Marketing Programs   GETTING  STARTED DIY: SOCIAL MEDIA ACTION TOOL – $17 For those just starting out, … READ FULL POST