Get a 6 Figure Book Advance

It took us a long time to find a great Publicity Partner we trust. Susan Harrow is the one we endorse. If you need PR help, she’s got some great products, books and workshops for you (see our services page).

Have you gotten a paltry advance for your book? Can’t get an agent interested in your idea? Thinking about self-publishing but want the credibility and name that comes from having a reputable New York publishing house behind you? You’ve probably heard that the book business is harder than ever to break into….Not so.

Now you can find out how to make big money for your book idea…even before you write it…(even if it’s your first book.) Want to be paid $100,000, $500,000, $975,000 or more for your book? Let my¬† respected, trusted colleague Susan Harrow, author of *Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul*, show you how.

You’ll discover how to land a top literary agent, keep your book out of the publisher’s slush pile, and what it really takes to sign that coveted 6 figure deal. I suggest you get it right now so you can sell that book you have in you! Find out how.

P.S. You’ll also get a *Plug n’ Play* template to create your own proposal instantly. You just put in your information. It does the formatting for you–including marketing phrases that agents and publishers want.

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