Ramp up Marketing With Social Media

CUSTOMIZED SOCIAL MEDIA TO FIT YOUR BUSINESS Few Facts to Improve Your Social Media Results: Knowledge is Bliss   Spring of 2021   Social media platforms, rules, offerings, and algorithms change frequently. Staying current provides you the most options to reach goals. For example, Organic … READ FULL POST

Internet Marketing: Make Your Website Generate Sales

Big changes can often happen with small fixes.

This telephone internet advising session reviews fixes you can often make yourself to design, writing, marketing messages, site architecture and SEO to vastly improve interactions for your site visitors, and earn your business more money.


Marketing Consultation: Get Further Faster


For business leaders stalled out in their marketing or sales, these customized marketing services get you back on track: earn more,tweak your tactics to better reach your best clients, build efficiencies to save time, refine your message, outreach, or sales process to get better results.


Webinar Production & Promotion Package

Creating a webinar enables you to: Present and sell your knowledge online, Save travel time & costs while giving presentations anywhere, Allows you to monitor your audience’s activity & responses during your presentation. With this package, we’ll produce and promote your webinar for you to … READ FULL POST

Inspired Business Leaders

tribute to thought leaders changing corporate culture through music, teambuilding, global consciousness, and humanity in business leadership. Includes videos of Chip Conley’s talk at the Ted Conference, Demonstration of One World Music in action, And Ed Cohen interview on global leadership.


Create a Blog Package

WHY BLOG? Blogs allow you to communicate and build an audience through online media. In this package, we’ll teach you to direct that audience traffic to your website to improve your SEO (search engine optimization – or getting more highly ranked on search engines like … READ FULL POST