Community Support: The Reason for Business

Ultimately, the reason for business is to serve our communities while also making a profit for the owner to keep the business flourishing. If our businesses are connected, we know what matters to our community. It’s just good marketing sense. It feels disingenuous when companies flaunt their support, … READ FULL POST

Inspired Business Leaders

tribute to thought leaders changing corporate culture through music, teambuilding, global consciousness, and humanity in business leadership. Includes videos of Chip Conley’s talk at the Ted Conference, Demonstration of One World Music in action, And Ed Cohen interview on global leadership.


“The Feminine Business Model?”

from my old blog: Sunday, October 26, 2008 I wonder if this radical shift in our economy recently can force us to shift our business models a bit? My colleague, Sasha Sabbeth, a Leadership Soul CoachTM in the Bay Area, recently suggested some of the … READ FULL POST