Webinar Production & Promotion Package

Creating a webinar enables you to:

  • Present and sell your knowledge online,
  • Save travel time & costs while giving presentations anywhere,
  • Allows you to monitor your audience’s activity & responses during your presentation.

With this package, we’ll produce and promote your webinar for you to create online instruction, to promote your techniques or services, for demonstrations or for educational purposes and record a copy for you to sell, too.




Complete Webinar Production & Promotion    $1150


This package provides everything you need to create a webinar. You provide the presentation content and slides and we’ll do the rest!

Includes production of a one hour (or shorter) webinar including:

  • Evaluation and recommendations on webinar slides and content
  • Selecting the best platform for your webinar
  • Sending regular invitations & reminder

Promoting Your Webinar

  • Outreaching through social media to promote your webinar
  • Distributing your press release about your webinar


Managing Your Webinar – Technology & Attendees

We’ve all attended webinars where the host struggles with background noise or making the technology work online so attendees can interact. We help you avoidthat be delivering experienced management:

  • Moderating the webinar: managing technical issues, sound quality, posting questions or other requirements defined in the planning stage
  • Pre-webinar run-through to train you on managing questions, interactacting with listeners, testing your microphone, and familiarizing you to develop a comfort level as the presenter
  • Recording the webinar and delivering metrics after the session  to help you analyze how long listeners stay tuned, where they take action or tune out.  This knowledge can improve your sales or response rates by knowing how to finesse your presentation.
  • Compressing recorded webinar files for upload to your website so you can sell the webinar through your shopping cart
  • Guidance throughout this process.

Content is not provided in this package. If you need help creating slides, graphics or content, we’re happy to provide you an estimate.

Have your own mailing list? Yes, we can notify your list with invitations, too.
Call to schedule & discuss exact goals prior to purchase: 510-879-7600.

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